Voice of OC Unveils New Comment Policy

Along with the recent launch of our new website, we’ve switched to a new comments platform that will give you, the reader, more control over the community conversation.

When Voice of OC first launched in 2010, we allowed total anonymity to our commenters with the belief that readers should be able to say what they think about the personalities and issues in our articles without fear of retribution.

Unfortunately, some users have used this space to hijack conversations with personal attacks and unrelated rants that verge on hate speech. So in July 2014, we switched to a Facebook-only commenting system to encourage a more transparent and civil conversation.

We’ve since heard from many readers who don’t use social media but still want to participate in the community conversation. Our new comment platform, Disqus, gives you more options for how to participate in and moderate the community conversation.

In addition to logging in via your Facebook or Twitter account, you can also create a Disqus account with a verified email address.

We encourage users to react and reply to others’ comments. Here’s a rundown of the Disqus features that will help you participate in moderating and organizing the conversation:

  • Flagging: Users can flag comments that violate our community guidelines. Comments that are flagged several times will be hidden from view.
  • Up and Down Votes: Comments with the most “up” votes will be moved up the queue. Use this feature to help other readers find the most relevant, insightful and interesting comments. Conversely, comments with a large number of “down” votes will be moved to the bottom of the comment thread.
  • Reply Function: Disqus includes a reply feature that allows you to respond to a specific user’s comment. If you want to engage in a one-on-one dialogue, you can send other Disqus users private messages.

While some news organizations employ full-time web moderators, Voice of OC does not and cannot actively moderate comments on our website. Voice of OC is not responsible for the content posted by its users. However, we have the right (but not the obligation) to review, screen and delete any content posted on our website.

We respect your right to participate in the conversation, but we also reserve the right to ban any users and IP addresses that abuse and violate our community rules.

Here are our Community Guidelines:

  • Don’t use obscenities. Disqus will block comments containing vulgar and obscene language. If you want to have your say, keep it clean.
  • Stay on Topic. Comments should be relevant to the article. Our website is not a place for users to have one-on-one arguments and free-ranging conversation. Don’t use public forums for individual communications.
  • Be yourself – and not someone else. Don’t pose as another person when you are posting on the site.
  • Be Respectful. Focus your remarks on positions, not personalities. No personal attacks, name-calling, libel, defamation, hate speech, obscene or pornographic language.

We hope this system facilitates the vibrant and creative civic discussion that you deserve. If you have any questions or concerns, please email Thy Vo at thyanhvo@gmail.com.

  • Willard Maiden

    The midnight mission is still treating the homeless badly. Who do I complain to? Protest maybe? Can I get some suggestions?

  • JoeS

    I wonder why they would do this. Two Captains are trying to get rid of the new Chief and new Deputy Chief because maybe they think they should be the Chief and Deputy Chief?

  • Nicole

    The OCAC had received my lost bird 3 days after he got out in August 2015 ..the leutenant that works there called us and said he had our bird and saw our poster. When we went to go identify our bird they proceeded to tell us that my bird somehow unlatched the big latch on the bird cage and flew away. We know that’s a lie and we have been told my numerous people that a worker there took him and the OCAC lied and said he flew away after already being inbtheir care and taking his pictures etc. We have been going crazy trying to find him and we’re losing hope. I need help. Someone told me to get ahold of Jim gardner but I have no clue how. Can someone please please give me advice on what to do?!

  • UptightTO

    If a politician has taken public sector union/association money…do not vote for them.

  • Alice

    This year in February,when the new neighbor addressed her Happy Chinese New Year. She said we had no Chinese New Year and we only had Easter. As a government staff, she should know the state just announced that Chinese New Year is one celebration holiday in California. I feel shamed on her.

  • Alice

    As one of her neighbor, I am qualified enough to tell the public that Ms. Laura Knapp is a dishonest and indecent person. She has ever threatened and harassed a new immigrant Asian neighbor. And she lied stupidly to neighbor just for benefit. If one person is that sort of people in daily life, how could you expect her to be honest in work? She is not reliable. I strongly advise County Office to investigate her if she lied or not.

  • Jasenn Zaejian, Ph.D.

    The BOS would be most wise to take Dean Chemirinsky’s rational advice and ask him to develop a plan. I have no relationship with the Dean, nor attended his classes, but have been following his reasoned posts and papers for years. Independent citizen review boards of the police need to be totally independent of politics or police influence, with subpeona powers to be effective. Anything less would just be another political cover for the BOS and the police.

  • jz

    Of these so-called “experts” presenting before the BOS on civilian oversight of the police, only Dean Chemirinsky appears to be truly unbiased by police culture. Why have a an advisory panel when one knows that what will come about is a watered down version, protective of law enforcement, that will not address the true problem.

  • Ron Zielinski

    First to and INDEPENDENT AUDIT of all city finances before a single penny is given or any new taxes. I wonder what we would find.

  • jz

    Re: https://voiceofoc.org/2015/06/oc-supervisors-to-de-fund-office-that-reviews-sheriffs-department-investigations/

    The BOS may have finally engaged reason in defunding the county funded office that reviews the Sheriff’s department investigations, if the action was motivated by the fact that Connoly’s small office, while declared as independent, with confidentiality agreements to obfuscate the truth that it was actually not…but an office controlled by the politics of the BOS. Reason will triumph if they take the socially beneficial solution, badly needed in OC: the formation of a citizen’s commission Law Enforcement and District Attorney’s office review board protected from political machinations. A board that reviews all complaints against the Sherrif’s office and other Law Enforcement agencies and D.A’ office, composed of members with no allegiances or ties to the D.A. the police. or politics. Citizen board members can be randomly solicited from the voter registration roles, for specified terms with a query that establishes their willingness and independence.

    The ACLU issue of funding adequate housing for homeless people has been established by recent statistically significant research to effectively prevent homelessness and create a space where previously homeless people become valuable and productive law abiding citizens; and provide a cost effective savings in every community that adopted such programs .

  • jz

    Another disgraceful action by the GOP controlled BOS to exploit the taxpayers pocketbooks by their ideology, not reason. The citizens of OC cannot afford more of these unilaterally imposed decisions that have resulted in $millions of taxpayer dollars as a result of BOS incompetence and unwillingness to communicate and negotiate with Unions. Kudos to the attorney’s union.

  • facethefact

    ILLEGAL immigrants….ILLEGAL aliens who break the law upon entering this country illegally. Proper channels, noooo, not for them. Another entitled class of people, future democrat liberals for sure. Let them survive without all the perks that US CITIZENS have to pay for and see how far they get.

  • Don Stine III

    KIM PHAM came to Santa Ana to have a good time and ended up a racially motivated murder by Latinos.Get rid of the criminals first.Yeah Yeah I know she started it…Blah Blah Blah. Keep lying. That will get your tourist spot rolling LMAO

  • The classical VOC censorship terrorism is that I have posted comet here which contained word a.s.s.h.o.l.e and H.i.t.l.e.r (only as reference) which was twice OKed for the publication but I have made some grammar changes (spelling) to it so it was again subject for review and now the VOC minister of the propaganda –Thy — will not republish it.

    If you are such Politically Correct Mss. — Thy — you should let people know why did you refuse to republish my comment.

  • Nice Job of censuring

  • Joe Fierro

    All County Political Aides should be on the BOS Agenda and put on a ballot to be voted by the constituents whom are paying the BOS and potential Political Aides. It should not be a decision made alone by the BOS!