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  • Smeagel4T

    As disappointing as this may seem, and certainly something VofOC should be reporting for the education of its readers and to keep county officials accountable, it’s really not all that different than what happens at private corporations all the time. To pretend otherwise is just “playing politics”.

    I’ve been involved in IT-related system upgrades at a few very large banks, and they’ve ALL gone over-budget by notable amounts. The only way to avoid it is an extremely experienced and strong willed project manager, and they’re far and few between. It requires a strong (and probably pessimistic) hand to make sure initial budget planning doesn’t drift into the land of “everything will go absolutely perfectly”. Then it takes a very strong hand to keep “feature creep” out of the project.

    • David Zenger

      Wait ’til the PTMS story finally comes out. Somehow the County has managed to squelch that story and get by blaming Tata.