Has the 2018 Race for District Attorney Begun?

While a controversial proposal to outsource background investigations at the District Attorney’s office has been shelved until March, a brewing public battle between county supervisors’ Chairman Todd Spitzer and DA Tony Rackauckas over the issue has some observers wondering whether it signals the start of the 2018 campaign for District Attorney.

Earlier this month, after Spitzer raised disclosure issues about the outsourcing proposal, Rackauckas fired away at the chairman of the board in a rare public letter – also posted on the DA’s website.

Spitzer raised issues because the DA’s head of investigations, former Anaheim Deputy Police Chief Craig Hunter, was trying to outsource part of his staff’s work to a longtime colleague from his time at the Anaheim Police Department. Hunter didn’t disclose his connection to the contractor in his staff report to county supervisors.

This “doesn’t mean there’s any impropriety, it just means we should know about it,” Spitzer said at the time.

Rackauckas went right after Spitzer, accusing him of using his position to make “misleading allegations” that harm the public.

“Releasing misinformation to the public is bad government,” Rackauckas wrote in his letter. “I respectfully urge you to obtain facts before you speak and to discontinue unmeritorious attacks that affect the hard working professionals of the OCDA, and ultimately the public.”

Last week, Spitzer fired back.

“I am disappointed, but not surprised, by your letter of February 2, 2015, that attempts to prevent me and the Board of Supervisors (“Board”) from carrying out our duty to provide oversight of all County departments,” Spitzer wrote.

“In your public relations effort to embarrass me and intimidate the Board (drafting a toxic filled letter full of innuendoes and inaccuracies; immediately posting the letter on your website; sending out a press release), you have failed to realize that the questions raised have averted potential legal issues with your proposal.”

Spitzer criticized Rackauckas’ for “woefully inadequate legal research” saying that unionized workers – such as DA investigators – had already raised legal issues that before any outsourcing can occur a formal meet-and-confer process has to occur.

Click here to read Spitzer’s letter to the DA.

  • Debby Bodkin

    ALL of the OC Board of Supervisors have a duty to protect government monies via holding other government officials/agencies accountable for any potential legal, religious, financial and/or personal conflict of interests. Unfortunately, it appears that Todd Spitzer will be the sole representative that will do his job in accordance with the oath he has taken.

    DA Rackauckas and his Chief of Staff Susan Kang Schroeder are the 2 individuals that should have learned long ago to act in accordance with the laws of the land, free of twisted interpretations that only serve a personal agenda and/or “revenge” political strategy. Craig Hunter allegedly retired from the Anaheim Police Dept. and he is now just another double
    dipper that also has a duty to uphold the integrity of a public prosecution agency.

    Thank you Supervisor Spitzer for doing your job….. it is unfortunate that you will now be forced to take public defamation from DA Rackauckas and his Chief of Staff Susan Kang Schroeder, as they prepare to politically destroy any chances you may have to take over their jobs! Personally, I am sick and tired of reading about Susan Schroeder’s temper tantrums….. why would DA Rackauckas put up with this type of County liability?

  • Robert Darley

    “Has the 2018 Race for District Attorney Begun?”
    Maybe, I saw Greg Diamond was holding a ping pong tournament to follow up on his wildly successful bowling alley fundraiser! CASH IS KING GREG!

  • David Zenger

    The next five years should be pretty embarrassing.

    • Kathleen Tahilramani

      Yeah, same as the last five years.