• Debby Bodkin

    It is obvious that Orange County politics are for those who are members of the good ‘ol boy network. As referenced in the article “… In 2012, Fleischman defended the anonymous funding behind Citizens in Charge as free speech” — and based on personal experience, Mr. Fleischman always has an excuse for his actions and has had full rein to do just about anything he seeks to accomplish since his previous employment with former OC Sheriff now felon Mike Carona.

    Mr. Fleischman has the resources to escape accountability in the event his actions fall into any type of gray area….. and as for me personally, Fleischman sat outside my residence in 2005 (surveillance), in the midst of a high-profile civil proceeding involving the politically-connected Catholic Diocese of Orange with a computer on his lap using the excuse “suspicious activity” when I approached his vehicle. One year later, Fleischman’s boss was indicted and he found a different way to earn his living.

    I applaud the FPPC; however, IMO $14,000 is nothing more than a slap on the wrist in the world of politics.

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