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  • Steve W.

    There are a number of issues with this streetcar project, but it makes no sense for it not to stop in front of Disney’s main gate. And it doesn’t make sense to build an Anaheim streetcar system that isn’t inter-operable with Santa Ana’s.

    • David Zenger

      “…but it makes no sense for it not to stop in front of Disney’s main gate.”

      That conclusion is correct.

      Once one has accepted the fact that the $300,000,000 “public” transit project is there to ferry visitors from a new, giant parking structure in the Angel Stadium parking lot to Disneyland it makes no sense at all for it not to stop at the main gate. The quibbling about eminent domain is grand farce.

  • astar2b

    Anaheim… Take a deep breath and count to ten. Listen to the FTA about spending that much on the streetcar… Buses will be fine…

  • David Zenger

    All this senseless opposition to the Grand Vision is a real annoyance. It’s obvious as day that once we build it will become an iconic part of the cityscape.

    Oh, no, wait. That was ARTIC.

    Anyway, we already know how to fund the Disney Streetcar. We will re-use that Authority and sell bonds that don’t need public approval per our Charter; bonds that will also hire new cops, pave more streets and put confectioner’s sugar in every cupboard.

    • Cynthia Ward

      Ironic that we are using public funds (Murray likes to pretend Federal funds are fairy magic money produced from somewhere other than our pockets) to transport Disney’s guests to their front gates…during exactly the same time Disney digs in their heels and refuses to enact a gate tax they were aware 20 years ago would become a possibility when taxpayers first agreed to cover their infrastructure and parking garage.

      Oh wait! Hey Adam! Maybe THIS is why Natalie Meeks has not yet completed the docs for the Streetcar (due end of 2014 with no final work in sight.) FIRST Murray has to complete her assignment to prevent the blowback of angry taxpayers demanding a chance to recoup our losses, THEN Meeks can go public with how much the Disney remote parking trolley is going to cost us. Nope, no plan to hose the taxpayers HERE.