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  • Dal Maxvill

    I’ve used the Anaheim Station for 30+ years. I take Amtrak to LA twice per month. ARTIC does not want people to park overnight. I’ve been hassled about that, even after registering my car. I now use Irvine, even though it is a bit inconvenient.

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  • C Monroe

    It was poorly designed. It should have been skinnier and longer with a 2nd floor pedestrian plaza from the southbound tracks right into Honda Center. Line the pedestrian plaza with restaurants and bars to help pay for it and put parking garage underneath and on the sides and the bus terminal underneath close to Katella. You could even have office space on floors above the restaurants and bars. The Arena should draw people to this plaza as a entertainment arena district where people could eat and drink before attending an event in the Arena or waiting on a train. You could even put in a pair of moving sidewalks like the airport to move people faster between places. Also another ground level pedestrian plaza from the tracks to the entrance of Angels stadium, again moving sidewalks and lined with shops with possible residential on upper levels. There was no need for a huge canopy(waste of money) but bus terminal would be underneath with some parking and garages on the outside of the buildings that line the pedestrian plaza.

    • C Monroe

      They also could work some kind of deal with Metrolink and the sports teams. How about huge reduce in train fare if show sport event ticket? This would mean Metro link actually run later trains than 9:22 pm and 10:19(a joke, midnight at least 1 am prefer). This would get people to think about taking a train to a ducks/angels game instead of driving.

  • Carlos Becerra


  • RyanCantor

    Really gives the taxpayer a whole lot of confidence in some of those other projections from Anaheim . . .

    • David Zenger

      Exactly. Like the monetary value of the Angels to Anaheim, revenue projections for the expanded Convention Center, any and all data supporting the three-mile trolly folly.

      I don’t trust a single scrap of information emanating from City Hall, It seems to be nothing but propaganda to promote projects proposed or propped up by…

  • astar2b

    Why is the place so over the top? Couldn’t they have built something like the old station, but with important lessons-learned improvements? Passenger friendliness should have been the first priority, not how the place looks at night from th 57 freeway… Good grief…

    • David Zenger

      “Couldn’t they have built something like the old station,”

      Or to put it another way, why couldn’t they have just keep the old station and saved the taxpayers $200,000,000. That’s a lot of zeroes to waste.

  • Jacki Livingston

    Want to know why? I ride that route every day, and I work in a new office with hundreds of new workers there, who could use the train. Problem is that it is badly designed for commuters. The train stops way far along on the track, and they don’t want us to walk down the ramp to get to the connector bus, they want us to walk all the way down to the elevators (half of which don’t work), go up, over, down another elevator or escalator, and then catch the bus. By then, the bus is gone and you are late for work. Plus, this behemouth (which looks like it was put together with Legos and a LiteBrite) is extremely unfriendly for disabled passengers. The only open vendor inside sells old food, and it just is not what it was sold to be. Frankly, the old station was better.

    • calwatch

      Exactly. There was nothing wrong with the old station, other than the Amtrak waiting area was a bit small. But you could have put up a pre-fab building as a waiting room and solved the problem. The old station was much closer to Anaheim Stadium and closer to parking. A bus turnaround loop is nice but now, rather than people walking to the buses on Katella, all buses have to go into ARTIC which adds three to five minutes a trip for people who are just passing through.

  • Ed Dart

    When it comes to public money EVERYTHING is over sold. ALL public transportation and tax generating bills… I see you Colorado and your Pot Heads.

  • David Zenger

    The longest of the long cons. Pringle’s Folly. The place is a huge, empty mausoleum all day long. Those cars in the parking lot? A couple hundred Metrolink riders who were using the old station before.

    Ironically, OCTA bus service is now worse after making ARTIC a mandatory terminus at a place nobody wanted to go.

    And those revenue producing tenants? It will take several years for the City just to recoup its construction allowance for tenant improvements as spelled out in the leases.

    At this point Natalie Meeks would be well advised just to keep her mouth shut about ARTIC. Hopefully outsiders who aren’t drunk on th kleptocratic Kool Aid, will finally be given pause to reflect on the IDIOCY of the three-mile street car.

  • Transparency(…)!

    Sounds familiar?

  • “New (…) Has Glitter But Not Readership Gold”……… Hmmmmmm

    Sounds familiar?