Anaheim and Fullerton Support Homeless Shelter Site

City councils in Anaheim and Fullerton this week voted to support what could be the county’s first year-round homeless shelter site at 1000 N. Kraemer Pl. in Anaheim, the Orange County Register reported.

Both cities also pledged to chip in money to buy the industrial building at the site, according to the Register. County supervisors Chairman Todd Spitzer suggested the site after backlash from residents around other proposed locations scuttled those ideas.

From the Register article:

While it’s unclear how much they would contribute, both cities also pledged to help county officials purchase the property at 1000 N. Kraemer Place, priced at $4.2 million.

If built, the county-operated facility in an industrial-zoned stretch would replace a pair of emergency shelters that open only during the winter in Fullerton and in Santa Ana. County supervisors last month asked its real estate team to launch negotiations to purchase the property.

“I think it’s important for anybody who objects to understand that we haven’t come to this point in time easily,” Anaheim Councilwoman Kris Murray said. “We can’t continue to push the issue in hopes that some perfect scenario is going to materialize. We need a permanent solution, and we need a quality facility.”

The Anaheim City Council voted 4-0 to support the shelter, with Mayor Tom Tait abstaining because his company, Tait & Associates, has done business with the county within the past year.

The Fullerton City Council voted 4-1 to back to the project, with Councilman Bruce Whitaker the lone dissenter.

“I’d much rather see nonprofit, volunteer, religious-based efforts as our primary mode for resolving this problem,” Whitaker said. “I have concerns that once the county is involved in creating open-ended commitments for taxpayers, instead of ending homeless in Orange County, we will begin to accommodate larger numbers of long-term homeless.”

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  • AG

    Not that great when it comes to your own backyard.. This is unfair to the nearest community of 700 newly built houses with a hefty meloroose to make city better and safe.. this is not safe for us.. pls dont support this…

  • Valkyrie Joos

    The shelter is great. Now, how about homes? In 2009 president issued a mandate along with hefty grants to focus efforts on chronically homeless. The fund include supportive services for programs. The issue is that we fund a few programs and expect the target group to present. They won’t and they won’t be housed like cattle. The money is not the issue as much as lack of innovative thinking and overburdening of front line case managers.

    While we create more administrative positions, while the people on the front lines at the housing and health care agencies drown in caseload. The mandate calls for proactive outreach, reduction of barriers and support to obtain and maintain housing. We produce reports and fund a few pet projects. Stop the bottleneck and blaming the homeless and front line employees when goals are not obtained.

  • dc matthews

    Great to hear there was only one for the forced prayer plan + less disabled access like most religious.orgs. do. E County Village of Hope said no access to my medical care and needs via an imprisonment period and 1 hour a day for prayer to me awhile back. I hope W and S County will now work on one for those who need better safety, local resources and access to the better schools like OCC, Gldn West and UCI. As a Veteran ,and multi disabled, I won’t go to not so safe or accessible Anaheim or Fullerton and E County Village of Hope said no to accessible needs and yes to forced daily payer hours. OC’s Taxsavers are a day late I and a dollar short in most of the social arena, preferring Jesus in your bedroom to the Jesus of the People , and it’s a shame female vets have no safe places in OC , and looks like likely will never, but it is a good start to help some- IF they separate, divert substance abusers to other programs to help protect the disabled and seniors and simply poor. I have, in the past, left VA funded and other shelter for health and safety reasons. The recently (not so) recovered as staff are not safe or ADA accomodating. Most sobriety programs have over 50% of failure in the first 5 years and other dysfunction, in part as there are often Axis II b issues. I hope OC does not hire from that pool. Some are still damp.

  • David

    Great news!