• John Claxton

    As the old phrase “A picture paints a thousand words…” The picture for this story says it all. Chums til the end.

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  • Paul Lucas

    Adam, how can one come back and seek redress of clear and obvious misconduct by the DA’s office? in this case it involves the use of informants without disclosure, planting of evidence, and a DDA that knew evidence and officers testimony was tainted and yet adjudicated the case anyway?

  • RyanCantor

    Orange County needs a new DA.

  • Kathleen Tahilramani

    Disgusting. But, there are no consequences for anything anymore. It’s the wild wild west politically here in OC.

  • Justin Case

    This is just sad. Is there any way for the DA to be prosecuted for this? For a former judge (Rackauckas) to be this openly corrupt is a stain on our entire system of Justice. I hope the California Attorney General does something about Pulido’s misconduct, no to mention T-Rack’s.

    • Paul Lucas

      Kamala isn’t going to do anything due to her running for Senate.

  • David Zenger

    I am really shocked and disappointed.