• Mark

    Cosby Bill accused of drugging and raping 45 women in various countries.
    Fact: 98% of rape victims don’t lie. 98% of 45 = 44 accusers are not lying.
    Fact: 73% of victims know their rapist. 5% of rape crimes are reported!
    Fact: The 45 Cosby accusers may represent just 5% of Cosby rape victims.
    Fact: 95% of rape crimes are never reported. Victims fear rapist reprisal.
    Fact: The hugh variety of statistics all conclude Cosby is a serial rapist.
    Fact: It only requires 2 confirmed victims to be convicted a serial rapist.
    Cosby has been accused of raping for 50 years, not just once 30 years ago.
    Cosby an accused rapist has no one to blame but himself. Cosby owns this.
    When it comes to Cosby “Innocent until Proven Guilty” is a cliché, a joke!
    The “Statute of Limitations” does not apply to serial rapists. It never has!
    On an International Level the Cosby serial rape allegations are the worst.
    Governments and Courts share a fiduciary duty to prosecute Bill Cosby.
    Media also have a fiduciary duty to publish Cosby serial rapist comments.
    Cosby must face due process; Set him free or jail him as a serial rapist.
    For due proess to happen we must be relentless in sharing this message.
    Please CARE: HELP eliminate the “Rape Culture” TODAY. #cosbyrapistlaw
    We must never ever grow tired of hearing about or defending these victims.
    These victims represent all of us, our families, our children, our daughters.
    Talk to people; contact Governments, Media, Celebrities, Friends, etc…
    Share this link with everyone. Why, VICTIMS MATTER. Thank you for caring.

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  • @Dan Chmielewski

    If the approach is “the students will only be there so long…” is flawed because once they graduate, CSUF will hit them up for contributions. Treating students so poorly now will have consequences later. And what a terrible lesson in how to conduct public relations and media relations services from a college with a major in this field; shameful and a disgrace to the profession.

  • Diane Witmer

    As one of the many faculty members who have tried to resolve this issue, I thank you for this article. Bringing to light longstanding, demeaning behaviors toward student and professional reporters seems to be the only way to bring about any real change.

  • Jonathan Volzke

    Nice report, Traci. Compare CSUF (my alma mater) to this, from UCI: