OC Execs Top List of Biggest Educator Pensions in State

A new ranking of public pensions for California’s retired K-12 and community college educators puts three former Orange County executives at the very top.

With $347,855 in pension payments last year, retired Orange County Superintendent of Schools Bill Habermehl comes in with the largest retirement payout in the 879,000-member CalSTRS system, according to data published by the right-leaning Transparent California website.

Coming in at number two is former Tustin Unified School District Superintendent Richard Bray, at $307,135 last year.

And third is Edward Hernandez, former superintendent of Rancho Santiago Community College District, at $304,652.

The average pension at CalSTRS, meanwhile, runs at a far lower $44,328 per year, according to the retirement system.

(Click here to view the full list at Transparent California.)

Known officially as the California State Teachers’ Retirement System, CalSTRS manages the pensions of the vast majority of retired K-12 and community college educators in California.

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  • Imjesayin

    So they get $30k per month of tax payer money to sit on their a$$es? Great…

    • David Zenger

      Or, one thousand dollars per day. Every day. For the rest of their lives.

      That’s a helluva retirement safety net.

      If ever there were an argument for public employee pension caps, this is it.

      • SurfPuppy619

        It is not a safety net, it is a scam.

      • S Moderation Douglas

        All employees hired after January 1, 2013, have a cap of pensionable income set at the same limit as the cap on Social Security deductions….about $118,000

        It is illegal to cap the pensions of those hired before that.

        • David Zenger

          I didn’t know that. That’s good news.

          • freedomguy

            You didn’t know it because it is not true. Top school administrators, and others, are unaffected and will continue to fleece the public.

          • David Zenger

            No, say it ain’t so! Really?

          • S Moderation Douglas

            Cap on Pensionable Compensation

            For new members subject to Social Security, final compensation used to calculate a new member’s pension benefit cannot exceed 100% of compensation subject to Social Security taxation, which for 2012 earnings is $110,100.