• Gunny98

    “Issues include 911 emergency calls not working properly.”

    It would be a shame for staff to have to use their cell phone in an emergency.


      I work in the basement of my building and do not get cell phone reception at all. And those staff who work in cubicles upstairs have to keep their phones off and out of site while at work (breaks and such means they take their calls elsewhere). Not all County buildings get reception on all floors. The bigger point is that the phone, readily available and handy in an emergency is not able to make 911 calls.

  • octaxpayer

    Christina Koslosky is the County CIO- Chief Information Officer. Although I’m unclear how someone with NO real experience in IT other than over seeing contracts get promoted to CIO, which is a shame. County managers warned both about issue with the Contract, but were ignored by the CIO , Christina and County IT Director Kc Roestenberg . What we kept hearing is be quiet we will fix the contract later. Meaning we will go back to the BOS when we need more tax $$$.

  • talkinghead

    Props to dept heads going public and calling out this fiasco but this is just scratching the surface of this boondoggle. You should also be asking about why there is zero redundancy on the VOIP switches, so if one switch goes down at a location only half the phones will still work. Or how about the network outage at NJC last week and Xerox calling county agencies because they couldn’t find the failing device. And how about the Atos takeover pushed back a month so Xerox can lawyer up and go after CEO-IT for more $$$.

    And I’ve just scratched the surface….