• dufas_duck

    So it’s back to the police investigating themselves and giving themselves a pass on anything they do…Everything is normal……..

  • David Zenger

    Connolly could never even explain what value he brought to the oversight of the cops. All I ever got out of him was a tsunami of verbiage and the sense that he was above having to justify his position to the Supervisors. The fact that he never clashed with the OCSD about anything is telling.

    Hilariously, Moorlach, the guy who liked to say “if you can’t measure it you can’t manage it” kept this thing going for years. Bill Campbell was found all alone, weeping inconsolably.

  • Imjesayin

    Spitzer: How about thanking the ACLU for embarrassing Tony for you? Gave you a lot of political fodder. Douchebag. Your comment to the ACLU is shameful. How about thanking them for working so hard to show how Santa Ana and the DA’s Office was violating the rights of innocent people with their Gestapo gang injunction? It’s your buddy Tony that drove up the legal fees as you yourself pointed out to him. You are ashamed at how you treat the homeless problem while you line your own pockets like a greedy pig.

  • Imjesayin

    Nice one Spitzer! Set up your run for DA by shoring up support from the OCSD by getting rid of the OIR.

  • KateD

    Nelson throws another one under the bus, and his unprofessional statement shows just what kind of d bag he really is. The set this farce up so that they could look like they were doing something to clean up their mess, but the poor fool actually allowed himself to believe that these clowns wanted him to do the job for real. Another overpaid sap, trying to do the right thing, gets royally…well…you know…by the most useless group of idiots ever assembled. Well done.

  • 6eaie2

    The OIR obviously didn’t have a well-defined mission. Creating and guiding that mission is the job of the Supervisors, so perhaps the OIR’s uncertain future was the result of inadequate oversight by the Board. If the overseers of the overseers follow no path, then how can any effort to make the county transparent be successful?

    How ironic is it the Supervisors defund $440k from the Office of Independent Review, yet simultaneously entertain $1 million ($200k each Supervisor) for event expenses?

    When elected officials decide to remove funding from the agencies comprising the checks and balances of our republican form of government, the scales are tipped in favor of corruption.

  • octaxpayer

    Spitzer and the rest of BOS – The way we see it your far in the dark about everything at the County other than what you take in contributions.

  • tedamudgett

    in my view all of the board of supervisors are idiots they are catering to sandra hutchinson like supervisor shawn nelson he has nothing to show for in his district a bunch of dinky county buildings in northern orange county and on the homeless shelter orange county has a 5.8 billion dollar budget anaheim 1.6 billion dollar budget fullerton 177 million dollar budget and no one can get it together to open a homeless shelter and both this city’s need better library computers there old orange county is shaddy on like fullerton police department and anaheim police department and the orange county sheriff department and octa bus service in northern orange county is terrible in my view all the money is going into the elected officials pocket book look at there expensive houses orange county needs to grow up la county 28.6 billion dollar budget common who’s fooling who

  • Paul Lucas

    Awesome. Set up a toothless paper together at half a million per year than scrap it after it does exactly what you intended it o do from the beginning. Nothing.