Garden Grove to Release Audio of Mayor’s Conversation With Cop

The Garden Grove City Council decided unanimously in closed-session Tuesday night to release the audio recording of a late-night conversation between Mayor Bao Nguyen and a police officer that occurred earlier this summer outside the mayor’s home.

What exactly the audio is going to reveal is unclear. But there are indications that it won’t be flattering to Nguyen. In comments emailed to Voice of OC, he said that it will be a “distraction from the real issues we need to work on.”

“The people elected me to be open and honest, and I have always kept that promise,” Nguyen said. “On this recording of a private conversation I used some salty language that I shouldn’t have. But we have important matters to address in our city and I will not be distracted from the job I was elected to do.”

When asked what he and the officer spoke about, Nguyen said he would rather “let the tape speak for itself.” But he also wasn’t against releasing the audio. “I always err on the side of transparency,” he said.

The audio will likely be released some time tomorrow. Several residents have requested the audio, and a handful of reporters at City Hall late Tuesday afternoon were also asking for the audio.

Voice of OC reporter Thy Vo contributed to this report.

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  • Rivett

    I think this is great. What exactly is the smoking gun here, that Bao said what everyone already thinks? If anyone remembers anything about this a week from now it will be this particular description of Bui, and that one would be foolish to speak candidly to anyone from the GG PD or their union. I most look forward to hearing the set up by Viscomi first hand.


    If the manager stated that voice recordings are part of the
    investigatory process, then was Bao Nguyen and/or someone else being
    investigated? Bao has made all of his requests for investigation and
    prosecution of other people public and transparent. Why is he not
    disclosing this one? Is he trying to be above the law when he IS
    involved? Another one of peewee Bao’s dramatic theatrical acts? Looks
    like he’s trying so hard to get campaign attention at the expense of
    public trust. I hope he wises up about self-serving attitude. Tony
    Flores, a resident of Garden Grove, was on point about this issue when
    he spoke at the July 28th City Council Meeting . He is also on point
    in criticizing Bao for not knowing enough about Obama Care and
    Immigration Reform to support resolutions regarding these issues. It’s
    ironic for Bao to state that he would not interfere with another city
    government’s business and then turned around and interfered with the
    Federal Government’s business. It’s also ironic for Bao to start a
    congressional campaign for a district that he doesn’t belong to, on the
    one hand, and to say that he doesn’t want to be distracted from
    important matters in the city and the job he was elected to do, on the
    other hand. What’s more, he was also heading the welcoming ceremony for
    the Dai Lat Ma co-sponsored by the City back in June. Doesn’t he
    understand that there must be a separation of government an religion?
    Bao, Bao, Bao…, what other surprises do you have for GG?