No Domestic Violence Charges for Fullerton Officer Acquitted in Kelly Thomas death

Manuel Ramos, a former Fullerton police officer acquitted of felonies in the beating death of mentally ill transient Kelly Thomas, won’t be prosecuted on unrelated domestic violence charges, the Orange County Register reported this week.

Fullerton police arrested Ramos, 41, last month on charges of misdemeanor domestic violence.

But a spokeswoman for District Attorney Tony Rackauckas said no charges will be filed because prosecutors can’t prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Ramos was guilty of domestic violence, according to the Register article.

Ramos and another former Fullerton police officer, Cpl. Jay Cicinelli, were acquitted in January 2014 of felony changes in the July 2011 beating death of Thomas. Ramos had been charged with second degree murder and involuntary manslaughter.

Voice of OC reported Aug. 5 that the internal affairs investigation into Thomas’ death determined Ramos, Cicinelli and a third officer, Joseph Wolfe, violated a series of department policies, including use of force, in the beating.

Ron Thomas, father of the 37-year-old Kelly Thomas, is suing the city of Fullerton and officers involved in his son’s death, including Ramos. That trial is scheduled to begin Aug. 24.

A federal civil rights investigation launched soon after Thomas’ death still is pending.

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  • tedamudgett

    hi everybody if you have the civil lawsuit case number on the city of fullerton and the former fullerton police officers if it’s out of federal court in santa ana kindly email it to me at thanks I hope they pay big meaning the city of fullerton and the former fullerton cops ok thank you Kelly Thomas lives in our hearts fullerton police need to be turn over to the orange county sheriff department and Sharon quirk silva never run for office again you are a disgrace lady to orange county ok everybody police chief dan hughes resign you to are a disgrace to fullerton

  • Philmore

    I rethought my plans for a GoFundMe campaign to buy and donate the proverbial flashlight and roadmap, realizing the impetus for the use of both (or even one) hands remains insurmountable.

  • OCservant_Leader

    The victim recanted – she realized the OC Justice System will not protect her and will never prosecute a man who they themselves set up to be innocent of murder.

    I predict more beatings…

  • Paul Lucas


  • David Zenger

    Smart move, Tony. You couldn’t prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Ramos & Co. stalked, harassed, and instigated the murder of Kelly Thomas, either, even though twenty million people watched them do it on their own video.

    Well done, sir.