OC Animal Care and Sharon Logan Reach Settlement Agreement in Lawsuit

The following is a news release from the County of Orange.  To read the agreement, click here.

On Tuesday, August 25, a settlement agreement was signed by Dr. Jennifer Hawkins, Director of OC Animal Care in the Sharon Logan, et al. v. Orange County Animal Care case.  The settlement was the positive outcome of a collaborative effort between OC Animal Care and Ms. Logan.  OC Animal Care was open to having a dialogue with Ms. Logan and coming to a resolution rather than pursuing this matter in court.

The original lawsuit, filed by Ms. Logan in 2014, sought $2.5 million in damages against the shelter.  OC Animal Care was committed to the success of this process and, as a result of these collaborative efforts, Ms. Logan agreed to dismiss her lawsuit.  OC Animal Care agreed to provide clarifying language to several policies to accurately reflect the current procedures at the shelter.  Additionally, OC Animal Care has modified existing criteria to require additional documentation from pet owners seeking euthanasia services from the agency. 

A complete procedural review is being performed under the agency’s new director, Dr. Hawkins, to ensure that all policies are consistent with relevant laws, best practices and a pro-life, pro-adoption philosophy.  Dr. Hawkins stated, “We maintain our commitment to providing quality treatment to the animals in our care.  This includes employing our best efforts to avoid euthanasia of healthy animals or animals with no known temperamental defect.  The outcome of this settlement agreement is not so much a win for either party but rather a win for animals that might otherwise be surrendered for the purpose of euthanasia.”