• Judy Allen

    Just fix the problems, you fools! This has been going on for years and years… the animals deserve better…. they too are sentient beings! And thank you Sharon Logan for addressing the unnecessary killings. AS AN ORANGE COUNTY TAXPAYER AND AN ANIMAL ADVOCATE, I AM ANGRY OVER THE YEARS OF ABUSE AND EXCUSES FOR THE DEPLORABLE CONDITIONS AND INEXCUSABLE ACTIONS BY THOSE WHO GOVERN AND ARE HANDS ON AT THE “SHELTER”. Wise up people NO MORE EXCUSES AND DELAYS. Take positive action NOW!!

  • Nik Peter

    “We are working very diligently as a board,” Bartlett said. “We care, and we want to do the right thing. And just, be patient and continue to work with us.”

    LOL. One example of the pathetic defensiveness, lack of responsibility and acknowledgement, and overwhelming APATHY displayed by Lisa Bartlett. How dare she sit there and tell everyone, “We are doing everything we can.” They have done nothing but blame the Navy over and over for this mysterious plot of land that may or may not be contaminated; which is apparently their ONLY option for a new facility site. This idea should have been DUMPED YEARS AGO, instead of sticking to it as not only their only option, but their scapegoat to continue halting progress.

    Not to mention, the construction of a new shelter (which would theoretically be done by 2019 they say), will NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM SINGLEHANDEDLY. First of all, there will still be a large amount of animals, so actually SEVERAL facilities should be built to accommodate the intake of animals. Not to mention, many of the changes necessary have to do with procedures and protocols, as well – not just the awful conditions.

    There are horrible, nightmarish practices happening every day in OC Animal Care Clinic. Even *IF* there’s a new shelter built, in the meantime, the deaths will continue to happen, the unsanitary conditions will persist, and the overall level of negligence and apathy will continue. Who CARES that the OC Animal Care Clinic hired more staff? They are still killing animals on a regular basis for absurd reasons, which are handpicked from LONG STANDING staff members who are obviously in need of firing. Not to mention, who’s to say that these horrible procedures, staff members, and deadly mindsets won’t transfer to the new facility?

    The other thing that got me was when Ms. Bartlett said that OC Animal Care “had a very successful adoption event for the Clear the Shelters day.” Of course, she didn’t mention that a few days before and a few days afterwards, a total of 14 dogs were killed. It goes to show that even with the hiring of more staff, a massive amount of adopted dogs resulting in empty kennels, and several grand jury reports/lawsuits – OC Animal Care does NOT CARE about its animals. They care to merely act in their own best interests, and serve their own agenda.

    Similarly, I feel the board of supervisors is also extremely apathetic and just overall full of excuses, lies, and broken promises. I would respect them a LOT more (especially Lisa Bartlett) if they actually owned up to the fact that they have done absolutely NOTHING, and that they actually WILL START dealing with the problem. The only one that semi-owned up to anything was Todd Spitzer, who amazingly admitted that they deserve the criticism.

    We will keep sending people to the Board of Supervisors meetings, and if they keep blowing off the problem, the public outcry will be devastating to their characters, and perhaps careers. It is their choice to decide to finally address the problem, or continue sweeping it under the rug. We will FIGHT for the animals in the meantime, and do everything we can to raise awareness of the atrocities happening in OC Animal Care Clinic.

  • David Zenger

    “If somebody has a gripe with our government, they have a right to redress” and shouldn’t be “persona non grata,” Spitzer said.

    Got a good chuckle from that one.

  • CitizensForAnimalShelterOC

    Spitzer also acknowledged the request from the speakers for a citizens/independent oversight committee on the current shelter. Spitzer stated to the Community Resources Director and the shelter director “you need to consider some kind of public body to help us with these issues. We need a recommendation on that so we can move forward.” So let it be noted that this was stated on Sept 1, 2015.”

    • John Claxton

      Spitzer basically says all the people working there, most making $100,000 or more, can’t get the job done. Let’s get help from the public so we have someone else to blame when another couple of years go by and we haven’t done squat!