Collins: Meet Melissa, Another Face of Homelessness

Sadly there are many who abuse their power in our country, including many husbands who use physical force to harm their very own families, including their wives.

In the following video you will hear the testimony from Melissa, a homeless woman whose husband physically assaulted her for years without ever getting arrested. She was eventually thrown out on the street by him and she is now homeless and physically quite weak.

I hope that as she shares her story in this video more people will see that not every homeless person is there because they want to be there, or because they are criminals as some might have you believe.

Melissa needs your prayers and support, as do many others in this county and country who have been or are in the same situation.

This physically abused woman has been damaged so badly that her arm goes numb, and its pretty clear that the damage inflicted upon her will be with her for the rest of her life making it much harder for her to work and move about as others who are healthy.

Imagine being homeless, female, physically weak , mentally crushed, and having no place to call home.

Imagine also that certain members of society look at you as worthless because you have no home to stay in.

Such stories I see often, and my hope is that shelter and help will be much more readily available to people in such awful situations.

Please continue to pray for such people as well as those who abuse them.

Pray that the abused get the help they need, and that the abusers are set free to be kind as they should be.