Investigation of Santa Ana Code Enforcement Turns Up Empty

Santa Ana officials have concluded an investigation into allegations that the head of code enforcement was having a romantic relationship with a city employee, and found the accusation had no merit, according to sources close to City Hall.

The investigation had focused on code enforcement department head Alvaro Nunez. But the probe was also broader and included allegations of time card fraud, and an alleged scheme to overload a property with code citations in order to drive down its value and purchase it at a lower price.

City investigators found no evidence substantiating either of those allegations, according to sources.

Nunez did not return a call seeking comment. And Alma Flores, the city’s communications manager, responded that city officials don’t comment on personnel matters.

Voice of OC first published an article about the investigation into Nunez’s alleged relationship with an employee last month.

An anonymous commenter with the psuedonym “Retired 101” leaked a memo in the comments section of the article. The memo was written by Tony Carvalho, a code enforcement officer, to Paula Courtade, a senior code enforcement officer. It alleges that  Courtade “and others” had been “falsifying attendance sheets for 6 months, indicating an employee was present, when in fact, was off work for 6 months.”

Carvalho declined to comment when reached for comment. Courtade, meanwhile, replied “no” when asked if the allegations were true and refused to comment further.

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  • Retired 101

    “Turns up Empty” Really? Adam, maybe your sources are unreliable? I am sure Mrs. Toni Carvalho told the truth in her Memo or do you think she would lie? Looks like Ms. Courtade is calling her a liar. Denying that she had any involvement in this conspiracy is a very powerful statement. I am sure when the lawyers get involved, that statement will surface again. Obviously somebody is lying. Care to guess who?

    I heard that Marijuana attorney, Pappas is somehow involved/interested in this story.

    Adam can you verify this “rumor”?

  • LFOldTimer

    Were the city investigators the same ones assigned to investigate the SA narcotic cops who were seen on video allegedly eating dispensary product and destroying thousands of dollars worth of private electronic equipment? Just curious?

  • Jasenn Zaejian

    When will citizens learn, this is who they continually vote into office, politicians interested more in their own welfare than the welfare of citizens, the impoverished, and those whose voices are silenced