• Ed Romero

    I’m an OCEA Retiree and I don’t remember giving anyone the authority to waste our funds. Maybe those Drug Dealing, Marijuana Smoking, Cocaine Snorting Racist Lesbian’s that ran the County of Orange for years are involved in this. I remember Lesbian’s being hired and promoted for no other reason then that they knew the right Lesbian in Power, so what if they had a Criminal Record, so what if they had NO EXPERIENCE, so what if they wasted County Funds like when that Dirty Deputy Probation Officer sent me off on a wild goose chase looking for something that wasn’t there, while she screamed at Lesbian Lover on the telephone on County time and I quote “I’m a REAL MAN, I’m a Macho Man, I deserve a REAL WOMAN, you are not WOMAN enough for me, I want a divorce. When I complained guess who was TRANSFERRED, it wasn’t Darlene the Macho Man, she was too busy looking the other when that Asst. Chief Probation Officer and all her Lesbian friends were Smoking Marijuana while on duty, Snorting Cocaine and Dealing Drugs.

  • Cilisi

    Oh please, this is news? How many stories did this digital propaganda rag do about Moorlach (and drones) wasting over $2 million in taxpayer money trying hurt workers in an frivolous lawsuit a couple years back?

  • KenCoop

    Some in the GOP have sought ways to circumvent the Baugh Manifesto.


  • Steve W.

    Speaking of failure to disclose: this article fails to mention OCEA has also given more than $1 million to the Voice of OC since this site started. The union gives the Voice $260,000 annually. This should be a routine disclosure in VOC articles involving OCEA.

    • kburgoyne

      You mean apart from spreading that fact VERY prominently on the front page of the site?

  • Bob Brock

    I think the Baugh Manifesto said that candidates couldn’t accept union contributions. Not sure what a candidate can do to prevent a PAC from spending money on their behalf.

  • LFOldTimer

    Republicans decrying public union pensions and insane collective bargaining rules that hold the taxpayers hostage and then take payoffs from OCEA through the back door. ha. I wish VOC would name all the OC Republican politicians who were on OCEA’s payroll. It certainly wasn’t just Janet Nguyen. Please out them, Norberto. The Republican constituents who haven’t already fled the Party have a right to know who’s taken them for a ride. Oh, and $3500 is chump change to a PAC. That’s not even a handslap. The FPPC is a farce.

    • Paul Lucas

      Todd Spitzer, Lou Correa, Janet Nguyen, Andrew Do,….That’s all I can recall off the top of my head. Ill try again when I get some coffee inside me.

      • LFOldTimer

        I want to know the names of all the OC Republican city councilmen and women – and all the OC Republican State legislators who took handouts from OCEA. Full disclosure would nice. I want the names of all the smile-in-your-face backstabbers.