• LFOldTimer

    My sympathies, Mr. Vance. I’m likely in the small minority of people who don’t live close to the shelter location yet empathize with your predicament. The County’s done a blatant injustice to you, but they weren’t going to be denied a 3rd time. You shouldn’t have to shoulder the responsibility for the County’s homeless problem. It’s a gross uncivil act on you. There should be many County homeless shelters situated throughout the County – so all of us carry a part of the burden regardless of income status. This is a societal problem which shouldn’t be dumped on a few unfortunate souls like yourself. Of course it will cause chaos for you. How could it not? Many of the homeless are full-blown crazy – some by no fault of their own. But their craziness will very likely interfere with your quality of life and the value of your business. It’s probably of little consolation to you, but a few of us with no dog in the race feel your pain. I hope you hit the mega-lotto and can bury it all in the past. I wish you all the best.

  • David Zenger

    Yes, and I’m quite certain he wrote it. At least he is finally mentioning the Karcher site in a public setting. I don’t think it was from a sense of shame so much as desperation.

  • Jacki Livingston

    Wow…I have read this whiny manifesto several times, trying to find one positive thing to say about it.


    First of all, you clearly know absolutely NOTHING about the homeless. Your deviant and, frankly, offensive assumptions that the homeless are criminals and drug addicts is so deeply disturbing, it boggles the mind. Many of the homeless in this county are in those dire conditions thanks to the failed policies of the GOP and their worship of the big banks, big oil and other destroyers of the lives of working Americans. As a caseworker, I spent fourteen years talking to people who lost everything they had, through no fault of their own. Lost jobs, retirement accounts destroyed by big bank collapse, sick child, serious illness…and then there is the big one…serving our country in an illegal war based on self serving lies. The largest growing sector of the homeless are veterans. Bush/Cheney sent our young people to war, so they could make billions. But the Republican clown car doesn’t want to spend any money to care for them. Every day, in this country, 22 young men and women take their own lives, because of PTSD or other effects of war. They wrote us a blank check, for their lives, when they went to serve. Now they sleep on our streets. Among those 22? A member of my extended family, who took his life at the age of 30, last month. He did two tours of Iraq and Afghanistan, in Echo Company, only to come home to a nation that didn’t value his service.

    “We all support assisting the homeless resume their place as productive members of society.”

    Why, you arrogant and ignorant pipsqueak! How DARE you assume that they are not productive? Many of them work, often two jobs. They live in their car and wash up in public bathrooms to go to work. They are your coworkers, your waiter, your employees…or someone who put their life on the line for you. They are cold, and they are so lonely that it aches, because people like you assume that they are deviant and non-productive parts of this society, not good enough to sit at the table with you. You have to protect the children or worry about property values…you are so ridiculous. You assume things about people you know NOTHING about. You avert your eyes, when you see them, especially with children. Then you go home to your nice, clean neighborhood. I have news for you, Piano Man, your neighbors are far more likely to be meth dealers, child molesters and deviant drug users than a homeless man or woman desperately trying to stay warm.

    Oh, and a couple of facts? Social Services are no longer based in Santa Ana. In fact, there is no SSA office downtown anymore. The headquarters and biggest offices are in…wait for it…ANAHEIM! So, yes, that location makes perfect sense for a lot of reasons. Buses that run every ten to twenty minutes, train stations, SSA offices, Social Security offices.

    I have been homeless in my life. I have spent most of my life taking in homeless teens whose parents were too self involved to care for their own kids. I have opened my home to a large number of homeless friends and people I met, who had done nothing to deserve life on the streets. I am not saying you are different or special from any other bigoted and ignorant NIMBY lover. You aren’t. You are just another ill-informed, knee jerk whiner, who somehow deluded themselves into thinking that they are better than or more entitled than the other humans they share this planet with. In fact, in my life, I have found that poor people, including the homeless, are the most generous and unfailingly gracious people. They understand sharing, and compassion, and lifting up their brothers and sisters. They don’t live in their overpriced shacks, stepping over and ignoring humans sleeping on concrete in the cold. They don’t tell lies about their fellow man to justify their bigotry. Most of all? They don’t delude themselves by going to church on Sunday and calling themselves “Christians”, when in fact they ignore the teachings of Jesus Christ. You know the ones? Inconvenient things like, ‘Love thy neighbor as theyself’. In 1956, my grandmother had a homeless man come to her back door, begging for a piece of bread, because he had not eaten in days. It was cold, and snowing, and he had holes in his shoes. My grandmother invited him in, and cooked him a breakfast fit for a king. He left her home with a new pair of boots and a coat, and a bag full of food, and the few dollars she had in her mad money jar. It is easy to say we are God’s children and abide by his commands. It is another to live it. You should be ashamed. You have lied about your fellow man, and you have slandered an entire group of people you know nothing about.

    Shame on you.

  • Philmore

    It is sad that the affected residents got blown off by ‘their Supervisor’ (the county has DISTRICT representation) Todd Spitzer” after relaying their many concerns. Where now to turn? So after this real-life example, tell me again how Districting, now in Anaheim, will INCREASE accountability and representation?

    • David Zenger

      It’s pretty clear that Brandman and Murray – who concocted this “plan” – don’t give a damn about their residents’ issues. Had there been district representation then at least one representative, maybe two would have looked at these same folks as constituents instead of patsies who would have to suck it up in order to preserve the Karcher site (and its neighboring parcel) for profitable development.

  • astar2b

    Overflow from the shelter could end up along the river trail. Good luck, BOS…

  • David Zenger

    The agile, flexible solutions are not on the table because the County houseacrats haven’t got a clue what they are doing AND the politicians need a permanent wall to put a bronze plaque on. In this case the bigger the price tag, the better the gesture. And it is only a gesture to be mined for PR value.

    Naturally, the professional and avocational philanthropists are going along because they have to pretend to be happy with any crumbs that are permitted to be swept off the table. Their resignation in the wake of Anaheim reneging on the Karcher site has been painful to behold.

    Has anyone (beside me, I guess) EVER wondered why Building 16 has not been made available (at least) as a cold weather sanctuary, and maybe even a mid-range facility? It has been sitting there for 25 years right next to where the Civic Center homeless population actually lives. This simple idea has NEVER occurred to anybody in decision making authority? Really?

    That fact alone tells us all we need to know about the efficacy and diligence of the County’s concern about the homeless – other than just getting rid of an embarrassing nuisance, of course.