Gordon: Rancho Santiago Community College Trustees Should Focus on Home

Despite being caught with their hands in the cookie jar, the Trustees at Rancho Santiago Community College District continue moving forward with the same wasteful spending habits recently exposed by the Voice of OC which wrote extensively about spending on Trustee travel instead of investing in students, staff and the community they were elected to serve.

Board members meet tonight at 4:30 p.m. at 2323 North Broadway in Santa Ana.

As the Trustees get set to meet this Monday January 11, they are poised to approve an authorization for travel for a Trustee to attend conferences in Sacramento and Washington DC at a cost of up to $4500, courtesy of the taxpayers of the Rancho Santiago Community College District.


The one-day Community College League of California conference cost $495 to attend while the opening reception is entitled “Better Supporting Financially Needy Community College Students”  and is being held at the Sheraton Grand where rooms currently run $209 to $843.

Students at Santa Ana College had to sell hot dogs in order to raise $4500 so as to fund a math class needed for transfer to a four year university so one would think that Trustees would err on the side of caution when it comes to spending on unnecessary and frivolous travel.

Our community deserves better than well traveled Trustees and underfunded classrooms.

Thomas Gordon is a Santa Ana resident who frequently monitors public agency meetings and issues in his city and can be reached at thomas.anthony.gordon@gmail.com 

Voice of OC is interested in hearing different perspectives and voices. If you want to weigh in on this issue please contact Voice of OC  Publisher Norberto Santana at nsantana@voiceofoc.org.

  • It seems corruption is deeply rooted in every level of government now.

    • mutheta

      Dweezle, this is why the Rancho District has been able to get away with this for so long. Who would expect a public institution of higher learning to engage in such behavior? Thanks to the Voice of OC we now know that even the sacred halls of academe are not immune to dishonet and unethical behavior. Since the elected officials are unwilling to clean up the mess, it’s up to the community to do the job at the polls.

  • mutheta

    Did the RSCCD trustees approve the $4500 in travel at the Monday meeting? If so, and this community does nothing, then they are as LFOldTimer writes, “stupid” taxpayers.

    • Thomas Anthony Gordon

      Of course they approved the travel and expenses.
      I propose that they impose an immediate 90 day ban on gifts of any amount and all travel for both the Board and Executives. This would give the Board the time to draft a fair policy that respects the taxpayers and students.

      • I am not sure I understand correctly, did you make this proposition at the meeting officially, or editorially?

  • LFOldTimer

    Aren’t there any conferences in Nice, France that the Trustees could attend to improve the Rancho Santiago College educational programs? If not, I’m sure the board chairman could organize and arrange one. ha. Have the conference on the clothing optional beach but be sure to wait until at least July. Maybe they could conveniently make it coincide with the Film Festival. ha. The stupid taxpayers would never be able to figure it all out anyway! 🙂