• David Zenger

    Cynthia, that is the only possibility I could come up with, but it really doesn’t seem to make sense. Students commute to CSUF because they can still live at home, I would guess. Living in mid-rise apartments is expensive.

    I don’t think this is about policy wonkdom so much as it is driven by high-density development masquerading as a parking problem fix. This is going to make the Chapman and Yorba Linda 57 intersections even a worse traffic mess. As usual negative externalities are palmed off on the residents who are being told it’s for their own good.

    I bet the University Foundation is behind this, probably with help from the shopping center and office building owners in the area.

    Gown seems to be leaning on Town. How about just building more parking structures on campus where there currently must be 20-30 acres of surface lots?

    • Cynthia Ward

      Well there’s a novel idea. Have the source of the parking problem solve the parking problem. Gee, I wonder why City Hall never seems to think of that?

  • RyanCantor

    I have yet to meet anyone who lives in the CSUF area who supports this plan.

    Residents first, please. Otherwise, we’re sort of missing the whole point.

  • David Zenger

    “Buildings could go as high as 10 stories in some locations.”

    Enough said.

    “If the plan — which could mean an increase of 3,400 residents — was implemented and the new housing developed, it could significantly reduce the number of student cars parking in the surrounding neighborhoods.”

    Spencer, please explain this statement that you wrote, and tell your readers where you got this information.