• kburgoyne

    My wife and I (both of typical western European mutt descent) eat at a wonderful restaurant on the edge of Little Saigon just about every Saturday. It requires going south on Brookhurst from the 22. Very very backlogged almost every weekend, but usually not completely dysfunctional (just bordering on it).

    Little Saigon is a cultural district. The city needs to play into that theme and copy what Laguna Beach does with their public transport. Get some trolley-like busses with some kind of Vietnamese cultural styling to them that make a circuit.

    Little Saigon seems to still be a little too much Vietnamese-American resident centric and would be an excellent target for increasing cross-cultural tourism. It’d be good for the Little Saigon businesses, and therefore good for the city.

    However I “think” (not positive) too many of the business owners in the district only have the vision of servicing the local Vietnamese-American residents. Somebody needs to play the Pied Piper and help them broader their vision to include better catering to “tourists” coming into the district from the outside.

    Only very recently have we been noticing a very slight increase in the number of “whites” eating at the restaurant we frequent, and we’ve been going there for 20+ years. The city needs to work with the local businesses on ways to make the district more attractive to people other than the Vietnamese-American residents.

    • LFOldTimer

      Are you saying that the business owners in Little Saigon are diversity-phobic? I didn’t realize that sort of freedom was even allowed in California anymore. Somebody should contact Rusty Kennedy. Oh wait. I forgot. Wrong racial group. 🙂

      • kburgoyne

        No actually, I’m not saying they’re diversity-phobic. I’m ONLY saying they may not have thought of addressing a potentially wider customer base, and they may not know how best to go about it. Plus it would need to be the majority of the entire district, thus it needs to be a coordinate effort. Just one business owner deciding to be more “tourist friendly” in the middle of the district isn’t going to generate any results.

        • LFOldTimer

          Like I said, I occasionally go to Little Saigon to purchase fish in one of their supermarkets. I generally go to the same store. They have whole fish. The customer selects the fish then the employees slice it up. The last couple times the guy behind the counter handed me the receipt and told me to pay for it at the check-out stand in advance – then come back and pick up the fish (as if to imply I might steal it). I was a little insulted. I had shopping cart with other items in it and wanted to pay all at once. I didn’t notice any other customers paying for their fish in advance. I complained to the manager. He walked back and told the fish employee to give me the fish and that I would pay for it at check-out counter like I always do. As long as I’ve lived I’ve never been asked to pay for meat or fish in a grocery store meat department in advance of actually obtaining the product. It required 2 separate transations and was very inconvenient since it required standing in line twice. Like I said, I didn’t notice any other customers being forced to do it. I asked the manager if that was a practice reserved only for non-asians. His eyes started darting back and forth and then he accompanied me back to the meat department. He said that some people change their minds and dump the fish in the store. That’s why larger purchases (like over $25) required advance payment. That sounded a little ‘fishy’ to me. I’ve never experienced that policy at any supermarket. When customers are treated in such a way in a public market no wonder some refuse to return or recommend the store to others.

  • LFOldTimer

    Doesn’t Westminster still have the red light cameras at several of their main intersections when most of the OC cities have eliminated them due to legal pressures? If Westminster still has them I guess it wouldn’t surprise me with all the financial problems they’ve created for their residents. Revenue is revenue regardless where it originates. But red light cameras tend to slow traffic down and cause accidents and fine drivers for making a free right on a red light – costing upwards of $500 and a day in traffic school. The only reason I stop in Westminster anymore is to buy cheap fish.

  • Paul Lucas

    I wish them luck this is a huge challenge.

  • Philmore

    Since the major role of the proposed route is feeding customers to these businesses, why not involve these beneficiaries in the financing via a business improvement district, etc. ? OCTA funding is scarce enough to support general purpose transportation (to work, medical appointments, education, etc AND consuming), and in many areas I have seen, some ethnic grocery chains TOTALLY FUND their OWN dedicated shuttle busses for customers. WHY shouldn’t the financing responsibility be shared by the BENEFICIARIES instead of a tax-paid ‘free ride’ ?