• Jacki Livingston

    Perhaps these ding dongs missed the “Free Expression of ideas” part of that old piece of parchment called The Constitution.

    Candy *** whiners

  • UnitedWeStand

    “Should clapping be outlawed at city council meetings?” No!!!!
    Lets say you have 10 speakers all with the same idea/complaint. If you only want one speaker to represent the “group” how is the city council members able to know how many people in attendance are actually in agreement or not. Citizens who take the time to attend a city council meeting should be “applauded” for attempting to take part in the decisions which affect their everyday life. We encourage people to vote, but ask them to sit silently like a kid in elementary school when their winning candidate doesn’t fulfill their campaign promises? No way!!!

  • Rich Olquin

    Go for it Fullerton. Here in Riverside our Legend-In-His-Own-Mind Mayor Rusty Bailey had a citizen arrested at a Council meeting for…you guessed it…clapping. Well, a quarter million dollars in legal fees later, that citizen pocketed $85,000 and her attorney was paid by Council as well (another $10k+). What is ironic is that under Riverside City Charter, Mayor is a powerless figurehead whose only real job is to run Council meetings. Just a hint why Riverside is now facing Bankruptcy…

  • Brian Edward Croner

    To the editor (sp.): Should clapping by outlawed at => Should clapping be outlawed at

  • Cynthia Ward

    I do understand this actually. We very rarely had applause after speakers, it was reserved for recognitions or very unique or impassioned issues, and gaveled out by the Mayor immediately. But after Mayor Tait’s election, and his much more relaxed style of chairing the meetings, and the shift in attendance away from the usual courtiers to more activists, the applause began after speakers. Now it is standard after nearly every public comments speaker, and it IS disruptive, it takes time to let that die down for the next speaker to begin, and that adds up when you have a big night with around 50 speakers and 30 seconds for applause and changeover for next speaker, that adds up quickly. But worse than the applause are the speakers who show up for the same cause, and instead of appointing a spokesperson to have those in gallery stand in support or opposition, we get to sit through the SAME message OVER AND OVER without adding ANYTHING to the previous speaker. The message does not become more persuasive the 20th time we hear it (if anything i tune it out) Rather than outlaw applause, perhaps a reminder to keep it minimal, NO booing, (just plain rude) and NO REPETITION. Respect for everyone’s time would be greatly appreciated.

    • Jacki Livingston

      Ms. Ward, I have found that most politicians don’t really WANT to hear the opinions of their public. I have yet to find a single one that returns phone calls, emails or letters. These people are citizens of this country and they need to be heard. And, if you will forgive me, none of you in local or county positions seem really concerned about that. You don’t want respect for “everybody’s time”, you and your cronies want to get out and go to chicken dinner fundraisers. These citizens voted you in office, with all of the perks and goodies that go with it. It seems to me that you guys can sit there and JUST LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE! For you to publicly admit that you tune out the message speaks volumes about YOUR issues, not theirs. The people are sick and tired of not being heard. We are sick and tired of politicians who are only in this “public service” (gigglesnickersnort) to serve their own needs and that of their “sponsors” (read:masters). I would bet that your wittle chairs are fairly cushy and comfy, so if once a month or once a week, you have to actually sit there and listen to the very real problems and concerns of the people who pay your salary, then so be it. Put on some big girl panties and build a wittle bwidge, stick a troll underneath and GET OVER IT.

      • RyanCantor

        ” I would bet that your wittle chairs are fairly cushy and comfy, so if once a month or once a week, you have to actually sit there and listen to the very real problems and concerns of the people who pay your salary . . .”

        Pretty sure her salary is ZERO.

        Might want to rethink that rant.

        • Jacki Livingston

          Yes, and the taxpayers provide the whole group with sweet goodies, like travel, cars, etc…not to mention a stepping stone to bigger and better things. Me. Ward is not as bad as some, to be sure. She has shown tremendous leadership in some areas, and I would actually vote for her for supervisor. But I am sick to DEATH of people who CHOSE to “serve” the people not wanting to take the time to LISTEN to the people. She never did respond to letters telling her about an abusive and corrupt nursing home in her city, but at least she didn’t call the patients in these homes “bean bags” like a senior supervisor at SSA. Joan of Arc? No. Better than some? Maybe. But she is still guilty of ignoring abuse of her citizens on her watch.

  • Paul Lucas

    Gee this is the biggest problem in Fullerton making the news?

    • Jacki Livingston

      Well, clearly Spitzer didn’t’ go to Disneyland and have an altercation with Goofy and Dopey, with them staring at a spork too long. Ba-dum-bum…thank you, thank you…I will be here all week.