• OCservant_Leader

    Many thanks to the brave family members for sharing their stories. Their testimony was extremely powerful. They are acting as advocates because the “consumers” of this public service aren’t able to hold the bureaucrats accountable…but their families can!

    When the former MHSA Bureaucrat spoke in support of the County “as a concerned citizen” – this upset me.

    She wasn’t transparent in disclosing her former role or that she has been on contract double dipping EVER since she “retired” to the tune of 200k per year on top of a 200k pension?

    She needs to thank the MHSA, the mentally ill and the taxpayers for an incredible lifestyle @ $400k per year and with just a HS Dipoloma?

    We need NEW innovative ideas and to get that we need to cut off this “crew”. This MHSA crew’s decisions – benefited the “crew”- only.

  • Cynthia Ward

    The question is, do we have a HUGE uptick in mentally ill residents, or were they being helped in programs that got defunded or something? WHY are there suddenly so many more mentally ill people visibly on the streets? What is failing? Until we know that, we can’t hope to fix it. And if nothing changed in “the system” but we have a sudden increase in mental health issues, WHY is that happening? I very much look forward to getting some answers, and hope the County is finally serious about getting something done.

    • Tresa

      There is an excellent book titled “American Psychosis” that explains in detail how the mental health service system funded by states was unwittingly undermined by well-intentioned federal partners. Then states began closing their facilities and never followed through on their promise to fund community-based services. There are not more sick people, just fewer places for them and their families to turn to. There were also changes in laws that make it more difficult to treat people without their permission, creating a catch-22 because someone in crisis cannot rationally make decisions for themselves.

  • Mazzola Mazzola

    It is bad all over the country. I go to Hawaii, there are homeless and mentally ill.
    Barstow, I know it is a hot town but it was a beautiful desert town once upon a time, now meth heads, economy sour plus mentally ill.
    I go to the bee convention in Sacramento, hundreds of homeless up and down the streets of Old Town.

    But there are many young people too, not just old, children pushed aside, hotel children, and mental illness plus unseen disabilities like Aspergers, etc.

    I am at a loss!,I have no Idea where one could start except at the elementary school level.