Voice of OC on KCRW: The Republican Power Play on Air Quality Board

The South Coast Air Quality Management District board voted Friday to oust the agency’s longtime top executive, the first major move by the board’s newly minted Republican majority as it endeavors to create a more industry-friendly regulatory environment.

The 7-6 party-line vote behind closed doors to fire CEO Barry Wallerstein follows the successful effort late last year by top Orange County Republican Party officials to oust Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido, a Democrat, from the board and replace him with Republican Lake Forest Councilman Dwight Robinson.

Voice of OC reporter Nick Gerda joined local NPR station KCRW for a segment on the firing and what it could mean for the future of air pollution regulation. Also in the segment is Sacramento Bee editorial page editor Dan Morain and program host Steve Chiotakis.

Click here to listen to the segment on the KCRW website (click the blue “Play” button on the page).

Or click here to download an audio file of the segment, in MP3 format.

  • UnitedWeStand

    The top 10 most business friendly states! Its the tax system!!!

  • LFOldTimer

    And what exactly does Dwight Robinson do for a living? Let me guess. He works in an industry whose bottom line is negatively impacted by air quality regulations which keeps the air suitable for our lungs. What do you think Robinson cares about more? His profit or your lungs?
    Anyone who lived in California in the early 1980’s and witnessed the perpetual dark streak up and down the coast that lined the atmosphere on a hot summer day – and which has since disappeared – would instinctively understand the value of air quality regulations.
    Those who expect you to breath dirty air so that they can make bigger profits are not your friends.