• Roger Butow

    Area 7 sounds more like Area 51: The aliens are the Roman Imperial Water District Board and cronies…must be a lot of IOUs being called in, how else to explain that the pertinent city councils + plus overwhelming majority of ratepayers want EOCWD to manage their system yet LAFCO is deaf?

    VoOC posted the results of the independent poll, read it for yourselves:


    The only ones who want IRWD are obviously biased—Even a hint, a whiff of conflict of interest should be a foul enough odor (little wastewater joke there) to provoke recusal.

    Less cleaning of sewer laterals==More Sewage Spill Overflows (SSOs), we learned that the hard way here in Laguna Beach and got litigated, fined significantly by Cal EPA for it.

    “The welfare of the people is the ultimate law.” Cicero

    The people affected have spoken, loud and clear!