• LEretort

    The Register had to be the biggest pusher of Koch/Libertarian type propaganda in CA, with the UTSan Diego following close behind. Writers like Steven “Goebbles” Greenhut painted a chicken little scenario that never played out. People turned out to have more common sense than the hard right/libertarians had cash. Prop 32 proved that.

    The average Joe/Jill, under 70, read a wide variety of opinions across all the medias, so they don’t see the sky falling. It’s the scared senior class that believe their retirement security is only a public workers pension away from dissolving. It was a great con, but still just lies.

    Those seniors don’t have the retirement money to support a paper apparently. The scam didn’t work, but karma did. Spitz and Kushner are proof of that.

  • Jacki Livingston

    The failure of the Register was in it’s inability to take local politicians to task, and refusal to write about the ugly underbelly of local government. I will say that they did, at least, publish something about the suit regarding the Sun Mar Nursing Home chain and the neglect, abuse and corruption there, which cost some patients their lives. It is a lot more than VoC did. But when they were given more info, including internal documents proving the collusion of local government in this horrific abuse of patients, they were too in bed with the guilty parties, like Nguyen, Spitzer, Moorlach and Nelson. Disgusting abandonment of their journalist ethics and duty.

  • LFOldTimer

    If mainstream newspapers stopped printing propoganda and holding hands with corrupted politicians and industries – and instead concentrated on delivering the truth to it’s readers it would be a tremendous help in restoring a dying print media.

    I was raised to support my local newspaper. But I refuse to buy a rag that prints propoganda. Pravda didn’t sell very well in the old Soviet Union either.

    Print the truth and newpaper editors would be shocked at how fast their sales would increase. I didn’t cancel my print subscription as a result of internet. I cancelled it because I was sick and tired of reading propoganda.