Latest LAFCO Report Recommends IRWD

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Latest LAFCO Report Recommends IRWD

162 Page Report Details Why IRWD Is Favored Over EOCWD  For Annexation Of Service Area 7

“On December 9, 2015, the (LAFCO) Commission held a public hearing on the Proposed ‘East Orange County Water District (EOCWD) Reorganization for Local Sewer Service.’ After considering the analysis and recommendations contained in the staff report and receiving public comments, the Commission continued the item to a future meeting…

…Since that time, the following actions have been taken involving IRWD’s application:
Approval of a sewer transfer agreement with the Orange County Sanitation District (OCSD) ensuring the continuation of sewage flows for treatment and use in groundwater replenishment, and
Adoption of a property tax exchange resolution by the Board of Supervisors on behalf of OCSD and IRWD.
After a thorough analysis of both proposals, including the revised financial plan submitted by EOCWD, staff’s conclusion and recommendations remain unchanged: IRWD is the most logical, efficient and accountable agency to assume local sewer service to OCSD Service Area 7.

…IRWD’s experience, resource capabilities, and strong financial condition provide the basis for staff’s recommendation that the Commission approve the actions necessary to implement that District’s proposal.

…IRWD has 50 years of experience providing sewer service, and as an existing provider, has demonstrated its ability to provide enhanced services at reduced costs, increasing the efficiency of sewer service to Service Area 7 residents.

…(IRWD) has managed its sewer system in accordance with state regulations in a manner that has reduced sewer spills throughout its service territory.

…IRWD’s proactive approach to sewer system management has also resulted in significant improvements to the infrastructure and service levels of territory transferred to the District through prior annexations and consolidations approved by the Commission.

…IRWD’s proposed annexation of Service Area 7 aligns with the legislative intent found within LAFCO’s governing law and represents the most logical and efficient method of providing sewer service to the area.

Therefore, staff is recommending annexation of Service Area 7 to IRWD.”

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  • David Zenger

    Hey, where did this come from? Can anybody concoct a “press release” without identifying himself and get it published?

  • Roger Butow

    So here’s an interesting situation: VoOC has posted a press release from an unidentified organization, basically ANONYMOUS. VoOCs commitment to transparency, to full disclosure, THE cutting edge, online investigative outlet and yet without the organization’s name, how does the public it serves view this?

    The GM of EOCWD identified the source of her press release.
    Other media: Ditto, reporters name names, including their own.
    That said, it’s OBVIOUS who/what is behind this one: Where are all of the OC watchdogs right now?
    This is similar to a hostile corporate takeover. Wake up & smell the coffee, “Quis Custodiet apses custodes?” (Who watches over the watchdog?)
    Answer: We do.
    Semper Fi

    Area 7 sounds more like Area 51: The aliens are the Roman Imperial Water District Board and cronies…must be a lot of IOUs being called in, how else to explain that the pertinent city councils + plus overwhelming majority of ratepayers want EOCWD to manage their system yet LAFCO is deaf?

    VoOC posted the results of the independent poll, read it for yourselves:

    The only ones who want IRWD are obviously biased—Even a hint, a whiff of conflict of interest should be a foul enough odor (little wastewater joke there) to provoke recusal.

    Less cleaning of sewer laterals==More Sewage Spill Overflows (SSOs), we learned that the hard way here in Laguna Beach and got litigated, fined significantly by Cal EPA for it.

    “The welfare of the people is the ultimate law.” Cicero

    The people affected have spoken, loud and clear!