• Jacki Livingston

    Of course Do is using Spitzie’s playbook. Janet Nguyen did it. Huge sums donated to the RPCC, to cover the embezzlement and grafting from state, federal and private funds. Where do you think Janet’s mystery CalOptima slush fund came from and then disappeared to? Puh-leeze. Quid Pro Quo, baby. Crooked facility gets bigshot GOP lawyer to represent them, they make large donation to the RPCC fund, while the attorney maxes out his donation to candidates. Sups then ignore criminal and negligent conduct of these horror homes, ordering workers who are responsible for patient safety to rubber stamp them and not ask questions. The Circle of Crime. Right here in Orange County…what a bunch of sleazy pigs…

    Wait..that is an insult to pigs…

  • David Zenger

    There is no platform like being a Supervisor when it come to shaking down contractors and vendors. Strictly no competition. Martinez hasn’t got a chance.

  • Jacki Livingston

    Of course he is. He has inherited Nguyen’s skimmer donations and money laundering. How many of those are the employees of nursing homes that used to pay Janet to ignore their horrific conditions and fraud? Bet it is more than a few.

  • LFOldTimer

    “It’ll be an interesting race to watch,” said Moodian.”

    The only interesting part of this race I’ll be watching is what percent of the vote Steve Rocco, who likely has close to $0 campaign contributions and has been largely ignored by the media, collects.

    The distrust of the political system in America has never been worse.

    Rocco’s vote should be a barometer of the disgust that people have with our ‘pay for play’ and gamed political system that is becoming akin to 3rd world governance – both nationally and locally.

    In OC the players have been known to spend $60,000 or more to buy a lousy city council seat. ha.

    Those endorsed by the major political parties are part of the scam. Loyal vetted operatives who follow orders and work for them – not for you.

  • David Zenger

    “Do has also taken a cue from his colleague Supervisor Todd Spitzer’s playbook, and has been fundraising into a county Republican Party Central Committee account, which unlike supervisor accounts has no contribution limit.”

    But, gosh darn it, at lest we’re going to have a toothless Ethics Commission.