Logan: First Stitch, Then Karma, Now Leeloo

First the story of Stitch at the hands of OC Animal Care went viral worldwide. Then the story of Karma at the hands of OCAC went viral worldwide. Now Leeloo’s story at the hands of OCAC is going viral worldwide.

We have had comments and the petition to save Leeloo from the hands of OC Animal Care signed by people in France, Belgium, Canada, Italy, UK, South Africa, Japan, Germany, Philippines, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, Netherlands, Romania and Greece.

OC Animal Care is on a Wolf Hunt again!

Do you all remember KARMA, the beautiful Siberian Husky that OC County Animal Care also wanted to kill?

We saved her and now we need to save Leeloo.

LeeLoo, a 3-year old German Shepherd/Husky mix

Jeremy Clover and Kara Brundage

LeeLoo, a 3-year old German Shepherd/Husky mix

Looks like Jennifer Hawkins the head “Veterinarian” is wanting to go down the same path she took with Karma the dog — she tried to have designated as a dangerous and viscious “Wolf Dog” — with this dog LeeLoo, who has now been impounded for 38 days at OCAC.

OCAC has seized another Husky from its Family without due process, has held the Husky at OCAC for 35 days without a 1st Hearing and is awaiting a DNA Test to see which percentage wolf the Husky will come back as?

LeeLoo, a beautiful German Shepherd/Husky mix, is the newest victim of Orange County Animal Care who has a history of desiring to kill animals who appear to have wolf heritage in them.

We all might be familiar with the case of Karma, wherein Orange County had her on death row for her alleged wolf content despite the fact that proof of 7 generations of purebred Siberian Huskies for Karma were filed with the Court.  We received 360,000 signatures to save Karma and she got worldwide media and we need this for LeeLoo too!

Luckily, Karma was saved and allowed to go to rescue, but today Orange County is at it again.

“I see this as an endemic of the failure of Orange County Animal Care and Control to truly understand what exactly is a wolf hybrid” says animal attorney Christine Garcia. “Despite explanation of the Karma DNA test from UC Davis, Orange County still wouldn’t admit, ‘okay she’s a dog.’”

Today, the target is LeeLoo, a 3 year old German Shepherd and Husky family dog raised with a loving responsible family.

She was rescued as a pup. She has a history of being known as “princess of the hill” at the dog park and loves going on hikes and family bike rides.

“LeeLoo grew up with my son and has no issues with kids, she is just a big goofy, playful, and often clumsy girl,” says owner Kara Brundage.

On June 7, 2016, LeeLoo was taken for a walk out on some trails with a horse and friends. Leeloo was being playful with a little girl,

The incident does not meet County or City criteria for “severe bite” The bite was not severe enough to get a dangerous animal designation. Nonetheless, on June 10th, 2016 two OC animal control vehicles and two police officers showed up on LeeLoo’s family’s doorstep.

Orange County still has not served the family with a Notice of why they are holding LeeLoo still over one month after seizing LeeLoo without a warrant. “We were told that LeeLoo would be held 10 days for quarantine based on OC laws, and that there would be an investigation,” says owner Jeremy Clover.

It is now July 15th, 2016 and LeeLoo still has not been released from OC Animal Care’s hands. To date the county has not released any written statements about a hearing or release for Leeloo. The family has also asked for public records from OC Animal Care in regards to all cases involving similar circumstances as LeeLoo’s.

“LeeLoo is being labeled and treated as a convict, but has not even had one hearing to be proven guilty,” Says Clover “She is held without any evidence whatsoever of any wrong doing. She is being held merely because she is a shepherd husky.”

The County says they will not do anything until their investigation is complete with the DNA results.

LeeLoo’s family has been to the shelter twice a week to drop off food, toys, chewies and clothes that smell like her family (to let her know her loved ones are fighting). They are unable to have any access or contact with her.

“We just want her out and safe. We want our dog home with her family but will do what we have to, to just get her safe and in a place that will care for her physical and mental needs.“ says Brundage.

Orange County Animal Care currently holds multiple complaints for neglect and abuse to the animals in their custody, high kill rate, 5 Grand Jury Reports and a 24 page lawsuit forcing OCAC to comply with The Hayden Act, CA and federal laws.

This needs to stop happening by getting Jennifer Hawkins, removed from her position as the Director of Orange County Animal Care.  She has proven through these types of tactics that she does not care for animals and the person in charge of Animal Control needs to care about them.

We are also asking for the removal of Sgt. Juan Orozco whom you might remember was accused of barbarically cutting a deer’s throat without anesthesia and was fired due to public backlash but was later reinstated after the public backlash died down, Why was he reinstated? Was this kept a secret from the people of Orange County?

Sergeant Juan Orozco is currently one of the ACO’s working on Leeloo’s case.

Scott Weldy, a veterinarian familiar with wildlife, was asked by OC Animal Care to do an independent review of the buck’s death. Weldy described the officers’ actions as “barbaric.”

“According to American Veterinary Medical Association guidelines, you can’t cut an animal’s throat and let it bleed out unless it is under anesthesia. That’s what makes it inhumane and unbearable,” he said.

The people running Orange County Animal Care obviously do not have any concern for animals lives and they need to be stopped!

Orange County Animal Care is well known for their poor leadership, horrid conditions, killing dogs when they have over a hundred empty kennels and overall bad treatment of animals who are feeling living beings reported by the public, by the staff and even from your own Grand Jury!

There are 5  grand jury reports against Orange County Animal Care and a 24 page lawsuit to force OCAC to comply with the Hayden Act and with CA and Federal State Laws which they still do not comply with. They think the laws don’t apply to them?

We demand that those of you in charge, TAKE ACTION NOW!

Sharon Logan has been involved with Animal Rescue for the last seven years and is the founder of Paw Protectors Rescue.

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  • Lex

    This breaks my heart reading this. They won’t let go to her loving family .. Yet they give an aggressive 7year old female pit to my neighbor and tell him she is sweet and social. He only had the dog for 3 days before it lunged and almost killed my dog. Yes irresponsible of the owner for not holding the pit tight on leash as he walks to his car to return to the dog to shelter, really wish there was something we can do..

  • OCservant_Leader

    Again, the Political-Spindoctors who manage all services to the public in the OC have created another disaster by not following even their own goofy procedures with regard to removing animals from their owners.

    The OC posts false data all the time. This is how all the Agencies are run. What is the conclusion the Board wants? Then employees have to work backwards to create the paper trail.

    Not sure who is more abused – the animals or the employees.

    Who knows if Leeloo is a wolf-dog. We will never know. All data goes through the BOS. And All info will be cloaked in “potential litigation”- sorry taxpayers.


  • John

    That sure looks like a mother f’ing wolf….. Just sayin…

    • John

      That ain’t no geman shepherd….

  • Jacquelyn Rae

    The Animal Advocates and concerned citizens who work towards Change at the Orange County Animal Care Shelter find the LeeLoo controversy familiar. The management and Board of Supervisor’s play by their own rules, breaking the law, lying, manipulating data for euthanasia rates and killing healthy and medically treatable shelter animals routinely.
    This latest debacle demonstrates that animal’s lives do not matter to the Director or the Board of Supervisors.
    Every Life Does Matter!
    Working together we will BE THE CHANGE!

  • Sharon Logan

    A New Shelter is not going to help the animals if the current, admin, staff, director and vet are in place, a new shelter isn’t going to address the 5 damning grand jury reports, the high kill rate and the empty open kennel and cage killing with over 100 empty kernels that is rampant at OCAC.

    All a new shelter is going to do is look aesthetically pleasing but will not help the poor animals that are unfortunate enough to end up at the New Shelter.

    There may be “180 Rescues ” currently on file to be partnered with OCAC but out of those “180”rescues that applied and are on file to rescue from OCAC, less than 20 of those “180” Rescues are actively and consistently rescuing the dogs from OCAC.

    OCAC also claims to have over “200” volunteers, those may be the people that applied and are on file as volunteers but out of those “200” volunteers on file, all I have seen in three years are the same active 15 volunteers.

    Keep Spinning.

    While Hawkins continues to spout a live release rate of over 90% percent for the dogs, which is clearly false, Hawkins has never proven or backed that up with the raw data, why actually change your kill rate when all you have to say is you did? Show the public and the tax payers of OC they over 90 percent live release rate of dogs with the Raw Data.

    In conclusion though OCAC has implemented a highly touted new shelter intervention program once again the Raw Data does not lie, we have received our June Euthansia Report from OCAC via court order and its shows for the last 2 months the Euthansia rate has gone up by 1/3.

    Why have the Euthansia Rates gone up by 1/3 in 2 months, with a shelter intervention program in place?

    What is really going on at OCAC? OCAC can spout off and spin all they want, but they can’t refute the Raw Data and that is why OCAC has not provided any Raw Data to the public and tax payers to back up their absurd and blatantly false claims of the numbers of current active rescue partners, current active volunteers and a live release rate for dogs of 64-65 % not 94%.

    The poor cats have it much worse OCAC kills 50-60 % percent of the cats that enter OCAC.

    • As you said, a new shelter means nothing if it is supervised and managed by the same people who supervise and manage the existing shelter. The solution is to elect people to the Board of Supervisors who will take this issue seriously.

      • OCservant_Leader

        Good idea. Except the same “family” runs the Registrar of Voters.

  • Dan Maniaci

    Upper level management at the shelter operates on deception. They manipulate statistics and twist facts in order to achieve their goal whatever it may be. This was true in how they ruined the lives of many dedicated employees over the last two decades by fabricating events. They would often suspend people without pay and continue to harass them until they resigned or were fired without good cause. Anybody that spoke out against the unethical tactics instantly became a victim. All with the help of Orange County Community Resources, human resources, and no help from the employees Association. They are using the same tactics when they show up at City Council meetings stating they have all the facts regarding the euthanasia rates. It would be a real shame to see a brand new facility in place only to have the same chain of command run it into the ground. The Board of Supervisors has to wake up and move Animal Control out from under OC Community Resources management.

    • David Zenger

      OC Community Resources is a dangerous mixed breed of unknown lineage cobbled together by a nut case and all too often run for the benefit of the Board of Supervisors and their “make me look good” political projects. OCCR needs to be euthanized – and without waiting 72 hours.

    • We recently discovered that even after revealing that OCAC provides false statistics to make it appear that they were doing a good job getting licenses, they continued to distort the data to put themselves in a favorable light. They do this by using outdated population figures which improves their percentage since it is based on a smaller than actual population base.

  • Steve Christine Haslet

    California shelters in general have long history of disregarding the laws designed to protect our homeless, orphaned companion animals.
    Orange County is the ultimate embarrassment to the state. They are managed by a staff that clearly has no regard for the animals in their care- and have been called out time and time again for their regressive, illegal sheltering practices.
    We are finally seeing that other municipalities are leaving OC to chose other options to care for their animals. We are seeing grand jury hearings, lawsuits and the media exposing OC and “catch and kill” mentality. Glorified dog catchers who think they are above the law.

    We need to keep their ILLEGAL, brutal actions in the public eye. Public records show they continue to break the Hayden laws on a daily basis. Everytime they require a 501c3 to become a rescue partner or kill an owner relinquishment before 72 hours has lapsed they are breaking the law.

  • Nik Peter

    The fact that OCAC is doing this kind of thing AGAIN, after the public backlash from the Karma situation – is PATHETIC. It’s obvious that OCAC thinks they are untouchable, and can exercise their own warped version of the law as they see fit. The fact that this is even happening is maddening, especially since the owners of Leeloo have been denied access to see their dog for over a month. I couldn’t imagine being in such a position where I would be prevented from seeing my dog. The amount of pain, frustration, and sadness that OCAC is putting the family AND Leeloo through is absolutely unnecessary and absurd! OCAC needs to be sued again, I think! I really hope that the family files a lawsuit against them!

  • David Zenger

    Each wonder wolf dog’s “salvation” will have less media value than the one that preceded it. In fact there may not be any left after Karma.