• Strictly speaking about my experience in OC, most of my friends are Vietnamese, Cambodian, Thai & Mexican American. I argue with them often as most are republican. I cannot see why voting would be a language issue as ballots and election materials are in many languages. From my conversations with my friends, few of them register to vote as they do not wish to be called for Jury Duty. You should see the eyes when I inform them that the jury list is also being taken from DMV lists now also.

  • Ranchero

    David Ryu’s District 4 is quietly rallying to recall him and I hope they succeed. The word is, he made a lot of promises to a lot of powerful people and isn’t keeping them. He’s way too green and lacks confidence (although he has been known to be nasty and defensive). He pretty much does whatever his chief of staff tells him to do right down to what color to paint his living room. He also lectures his constituents and refuses to give them the time of day. There has to be a better leader for the Asian community than David Ryu.

    • LFOldTimer

      Breaks his promises? Does as he’s told by his CoS? Lectures his constituents and refuses to give them the time of day?

      Seems to me that he fits right into the OC political world. Recall? heh. Hardly. I’m leaning more towards reelection. In fact, I’d put even odds on it.

  • LFOldTimer

    The context of this article in odd considering that 3 of the 5 county supervisors are Asian-Americans. Wasn’t the Asian-American vote instrumental in the election of 2 of those electeds?
    Aren’t there 3 Asian councilmen who sit on the Garden Grove council in a city that has about the same percentage of Asians and Hispanics? Roughly 36%? Yet there’s not one Hispanic on that council.
    Perhaps the article focuses on national politics – not local. But in OC it appears that the Asian vote carries some weight.
    If I’m missing something let me know.

    • OCservant_Leader

      I was just as confused. The minority “Asian” GOP political machine in OC has produced a majority on the BOS and they picked their insider for CEO?

      Now it all makes sense why Asians were becoming fast tracked for promotion within the bureaucracy.

      Government is corrupted when the bureaucracy selects political appointments (irregardless of race) over qualifications.

      • LFOldTimer

        Yep. I’ve been saying it for years now. We’re really no better than a banana republic.
        And no longer is it done in secret when the curtains are drawn. Today it’s “in your face whatcha goin’ to do about it?” government.

        The elected and appointed leadership have turned rotten. I don’t think there’s a good apple in the bunch. Hey, if nobody on the inside speaks up in protest what other logical conclusion could I draw? And why isn’t the media concurring?

        Very sad. Our forefathers are spitting in their graves. America as we’ve known it is dead.

        • Hi , this is reporter Thy Vo. As some researchers have noted (linked in the story), Vietnamese voters behave very differently from other Asian subgroups and vote more frequently, associated with the politicized nature of their immigration to the U.S. Some feel that the OCGOP’s outreach to Vietnamese voters has made a big difference too. Like Cuban immigrants, they are somewhat of an outlier.

  • BeeBee.BeeLeaves

    Very insightful articlem thank you. My Vietnamese neighbors are very commumity service oriented and politically active in our city, GG. Had no idea there was another side, perspective within Asian community.