• Ed Romero

    If the County of Orange wants to improve Mental Health it better begin with it’s Employees. How can an Asst. Chief Probation Officer who was caught Shoplifting 8 times, Smoke Marijuana all day long and well into the night while on duty and have Drug Deliveries made right into her Office keep her job? How can a CEO who couldn’t keep a Secretary because he couldn’t keep his hands to himself keep his job? How and 2 former Sheriff’s that had a set of Laws for their Wealthy GOP friends and a set of Laws for Mexican-Americans like myself keep their jobs for so many years? Orange County clean up your mess first.

    • BeeBee.BeeLeaves


      Board of Supervisors need to, must, micro manage.

      You are elected to represent and protect the interests of The People. Moochers, takers, users, cheaters, thieves cannot be allowed to remain on a payroll entrusted by the taxpayers. Wrong is not right.

  • OCservant_Leader

    This Health Care Agency Gang is VERY tight with the BOS. It’s been the CEO’s favorite agency too. This article describes what the HCA hasn’t done in fulfilling its responsibilities regarding mental health but what’s missing in the story is what the gang DID accomplish.

    Ask Mr. Nagel how many EAs and family members he approved for appointment and promotion for the BOS over the past 10 years?

    This guy is a pro at the musical chair’s game played to raise salaries for the small gang of insiders. They rotate reporting to each other. He was appointed Compliance Officer, then Assistant Agency Director (must make 5% over everyone else), then he is moved down to Finance & Admin Director, then down further to Behavior Health Chief of Operations.

    This game-play is important in that this maneuver just gave his buddies- Mary Hale & Mark Refowitz a nice salary bump. It’s like getting a raise for doing nothing- and timely-just in time for retirement.

    This gang has been planning these moves for over a decade. They plan every succession. MHSA created a strong $$ bond. They also perfected the time sheet scam (they sign for each other) this allows them to rarely have to show up to work, travel the world, yet still accumulate huge cash payouts as if they never take vacation.

    As long as they placed every loser EA/family member and let the BOS run their campaigns with the MHSA slush fund, the BOS was “hands off” to this gang’s operations.

    This gang excelled at every self-enrichment scheme known to the public sector. Since they aren’t held accountable to any actual performance in their jobs…they did nothing…absolutely nothing…but get rich, stonewall the public and cover up scandals.

    This gang is going to climb to the top ten of OCERS pensions and payouts- watch. This is called – Winning in the OC!

    • LFOldTimer

      Good Lord. If half of what you wrote is accurate we’ve left the rails.

    • BeeBee.BeeLeaves

      This is depressing to read. That the Greater Good is controlled by the Chosen Few, and lives are used for the benefit of a few. There has got to be some serious bad karma in doing that.

      • OCservant_Leader

        The “chosen few” do not share your idealist views.
        Public service attracts two kinds of people: 1. Idealists who want be a part of the “greater good”, and 2. Criminals – who see an easy mark.

        • BeeBee.BeeLeaves

          Exactly so. Point on. Sad to say.