Come meet the Anaheim City Council and mayor candidates!

Time: Monday, October 24, 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Location: Arab American Community Center (907 S. Beach Blvd, Anaheim)

Attend and make sure the people who want to run your City Council know about the issues that matter to you!

City of Anaheim, City Council, District 1

ANGEL VANSTARK,  Tax Assistant (no candidate statement filed)

MARK RICHARD DANIELS,  Community Volunteer   Age: 58

Mark has called Anaheim’s 1st District home since his birth in 1958. He has witnessed the growth of West Anaheim, from Strawberry Fields and Orange Groves, to what it is today.

Mark has been a volunteer at all levels, in Orange County and predominately Anaheim, since 1976. He has been active in the Anaheim District Elections Mapping Process, Public Pilot Safety Board, an active member of Los Amigos of Orange County, and has proposed a Citizens Police Oversight Commission.

Mark will strive to be a Hands-on Council Member. Some of the issues in need of addressing are the Homeless Issue, Renaissance of Beach Blvd., Public Safety and the revitalizing of Anaheim’s City Parks. He has the determination to work towards seeing all issues through to completion.

Mark is an Independent Voice for West Anaheim and always vigilant. Anaheim’s 1st District requires a Council Member to be a lobbyist for the people. Mark will not be a Representative for Special Interest Groups.

Being instrumental in the beautification of the Infrastructure and Quality of Life for the residents of Anaheim has been a longtime goal of his.

It would be Mark’s honor to receive your vote and serve on Anaheim’s 1st District City Council.

ORLANDO PEREZ,  Businessman/Realtor (no candidate statement filed)

STEVEN CHAVEZ LODGE, Anaheim Commissioner/Businessman

Anaheim is a world-class city. It is time to clean up our streets, fix our homeless problem, and end the violent crime that has impacted the safety of our neighborhoods. Like you, I do not believe West Anaheim should serve as the dumping ground for the rest of the city’s problems. Finally, we will have our own voice from District 1 on the Council.

As a Commissioner, I have kept a watchful eye on your tax dollars by supporting balanced budgets every year that I have served on the Anaheim Budget Commission. As a Commissioner, I helped save Orange County $100 million.

As a military veteran and Homicide Detective, I have strongly advocated for prioritizing public safety in Anaheim’s budget.

That is why Sheriff Sandra Hutchens, Police Chief Paul Walters (Ret.), Deputy Police Chief Craig Hunter (Ret.), Crime Survivors Founder Patricia Wenskunas, and numerous local Mayors have endorsed me.

I have seen first hand the importance of community policing programs that fostered partnerships between law enforcement, residents and business owners, and protected our families. We must do this for Anaheim.

As a West Anaheim resident, I would be honored to earn your vote.

Steven Chavez Lodge Anaheim City Commissioner

LEONARD “LEN” LAHTINEN, Governing Board Member, North Orange County Community College District

As a longtime active West Anaheim resident, I am excited our neighborhood finally has the opportunity to elect its own Anaheim City Council Member this November. I would be honored to serve as that individual.

My wife and I have been West Anaheim residents and homeowners since 1962, when I became a teacher in the Anaheim Union High School District. We raised our two sons here, where they proudly attended our neighborhood’s public schools.

I have served as Vice Chair of the West Anaheim Neighborhood Council, a West Anaheim Little League Team Manager, an Anaheim Boys & Girls Club Board Member, and a Council Member at my West Anaheim church.

I have represented you since 1990 as an elected Member of the North Orange County Community College District Board of Trustees. I have worked to make Cypress and Fullerton Colleges among the most respected Community Colleges in California and helped move our District headquarters and its classrooms to West Anaheim.

I know West Anaheim well, including the number of challenges we face as a community– Beach Boulevard, the homeless, and a proliferation of apartments. I have the experience to make sure they receive necessary attention.

I respectfully request your vote. Leonard Lahtinen

FREDDY FITZGERALD CARVAJAL, Insurance Broker (no candidate statement filed)

DENISE BARNES, Anaheim Business Owner

I am running for Anaheim City Council because I want to serve the residents of West Anaheim and make this community’s needs a top priority at city hall.

My husband and I have raised our family and lived in West Anaheim for 25 years. I have volunteered at our schools, churches and neighborhood groups including West Anaheim Neighborhood Development Council, Boy Scouts and Love Anaheim.

I am a small business owner with an accounting background who will advocate for sound fiscal policies that protect the city’s general fund for its primary purpose: our residents’ interests, not corporate interests.

I would be honored to have your vote to be your voice at city hall. Let’s bring needed street repairs, well-maintained parks, and more community policing to West Anaheim. Let’s solve the homeless situation effectively and humanely. Let’s continue to revitalize Beach Boulevard with upscale shops and outdoor dining.

I am proud to be endorsed by Mayor Tom Tait. I will work alongside him to promote transparency, honesty and integrity at city hall, and oppose tax giveaways that benefit wealthy hotel developers at the expense of the people of Anaheim.

I humbly ask for your vote to help make the needs of our residents the city’s top priority.

City of Anaheim, City Council, District 3

JENNIFER RIVERA, Legal Assistant (no candidate statement filed)

ROBERT R. NELSON, Aircraft Mechanic/Businessman

You the voter have a unique opportunity to change city hall. Districting will make it easier to elect a candidate who is both more accountable and better understands the problems in our neighborhoods.

My involvement in the city has given me a broad perspective of the issues. I’m committed to bringing pride to our neighborhoods. I’ll be accountable to you, not Disney or Special Interest.

Community Involvement:
Vice Chair, Public Safety Board. Riding with the Police, Fire, and Homeless Outreach Team.
Member, Anaheim Union High District Bond Oversight Committee. Founding Member, City’s Veterans Working Group. Honoring our veterans through programs that promote patriotism and outreach to homeless Vets.
Member, Community Emergency Response Team.
Recognitions for community involvement, such as painting out graffiti, picking up trash and reporting criminal activity in our neighborhoods.

Committed to improving our neighborhoods by focusing on: Public Safety, homelessness, parks, streets, sidewalks, blight, out of control fireworks, and diversifying our business community to bring higher paying jobs.

I’m a veteran, husband, father, Catholic, and homeowner for over two decades.

I’m proud to be endorsed by my family, friends, community leaders, but most importantly, my neighbors who trust in my abilities to make a difference.

I humbly ask for your vote for Anaheim City Council. Visit:

LINDA LOBATOS, Community Volunteer (no candidate statement filed)

JOSE F. MORENO, Educator / University Professor   Age: 46

I am Jose F. Moreno, father of four girls, educator, and former President of the Anaheim City School District Board of Education. I currently serve on the Anaheim Police Chief’s Community Advisory Board.

I would be honored to have your vote as I seek to bring the focus of city hall back to serving the residents of Anaheim.

As your councilman, I will support prioritizing Anaheim’s general fund dollars for our parks, community centers, street repair, and community policing. I will work hard to make Anaheim known for beautiful neighborhoods, thriving local businesses and great attractions.

I will work with Mayor Tom Tait to prioritize our budget for the benefit of residents, not special interests.

Let’s move our city away from policies that give away millions in general fund revenues to a few hotel developers and corporate interests. Let’s restore better quality of life investments in our neighborhoods.

We can humanely solve our city’s homeless crisis. I support Anaheim police officers’ community policing efforts that bring people together. Let’s build on the culture of kindness and fairness to help our neighborhoods thrive.

Our neighborhoods and families are the foundation of Anaheim. Join our push to bring neighborhood voices back to City Council!

Please email me with questions or to offer support:

JORDAN BRANDMAN, Member of the Anaheim City Council   Age: 36

Serving you in my first term on the Anaheim City Council has been a privilege and honor. Since 2008, I’ve done my best to faithfully represent all Anaheim residents as an Anaheim Union High School District Trustee and Anaheim City Council Member.

A safe city begins with safe streets and neighborhoods. That’s why we’ve hired more police and firefighters, ensuring our residents and business community are well protected.

We’ve worked tirelessly with law enforcement, clergy, and county officials to solve the homelessness challenges our neighborhoods have experienced since the Great Recession.

We’ve expanded access to libraries, parks, and community centers.

We’ve beautified neighborhoods by repaving streets, fixing sidewalks, adding trees and street lights, removing graffiti, and undergrounding cluttered utility lines.

We’ve created good-paying jobs such as those at the Anaheim Packing House District.

We’re not done yet. I humbly ask for your vote to serve a second term so I may continue my work to make the 3rd District, and the entire city, a shining example of how residents, businesses, and public servants can come together to strengthen our community.

Endorsed by:
– Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez Assemblymember & Former Mayor Tom Daly — Anaheim Firefighters Association
– Anaheim Police Officers PAC
– Anaheim Chamber of Commerce PAC Anaheim Municipal Employees Association Support Our Anaheim Resort PAC

Together, we can make Anaheim an even better place to live, work, and raise a family. (714) 287-8062

City of Anaheim, City Council, District 4


Anaheim deserves a knowledgeable, experienced, committed councilwoman dedicated to residents’ needs.

As your councilwoman I have always put you, the residents, first. Honesty, integrity, transparency, accountability and an open-door policy are my guiding principles.

My philosophy is simple: Reasonably manage taxpayers’ hard earned dollars, keep neighborhoods safe, advocate for policies that help small businesses grow, creating more jobs.

Whether eliminating gangs from Ponderosa Park, balancing fiscally responsible budgets, building new parks and libraries, I will continue to put your safety and quality of life first.

Crime reduction is a top priority, especially focusing on reducing juvenile crime, gang activity, protecting at-risk youth through after- school programs.

The sustainable and responsible development projects I have supported will generate $300 million in new revenue over the next 20 years, paying down debt, funding public safety, protecting neighborhoods, increasing vital community services and maintaining infrastructure.

My record of success has earned me endorsements from: Orange County Taxpayers Association, Chamber of Commerce PAC, Police and Fire Associations and many community leaders.

I serve on Anaheim Regional Medical Center, YMCA and Cops4Kids boards.

My husband and I have two rescue pets and have lived in Anaheim for 27 years.

I would be honored to have your vote.

Anaheim Mayor Pro Tem

ROBERT WILLIAMS, Emergency Medical Technician (no candidate statement filed)

ARTURO FERRERAS, Minister/Nonprofit Director/Priest

I have devoted my life to serving others and improving my community. As resident-homeowner, I am proud to be strongly endorsed by our Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait. We need strong city leadership that will advocate for District 4 neighborhoods.

As Chair for South District Neighborhood Council of the City of Anaheim, I’ve been an advocate for neighborhood improvements, new parks, cleaner streets, repaired roads and sidewalks. I’ve recommended more funding for our neighborhoods from the city as a Community Development Advisory boardmember.

As an organizer and volunteer, I led efforts against Short-Term Rentals in Anaheim, which brought blight and nuisance in our neighborhoods. I will ensure that ordinance is enforced and our quality-of-life protected.

As minister, I work to serve, to restore hope, and build up families. As your councilmember, I’ll work to bring transparency, honesty and integrity to the City Council.

I pledge to walk every area in our district to listen to the concerns of residents, and bring them directly to the council. Our district needs real representation and an advocate who will fight to keep our streets and neighborhoods safe.

I respectfully ask for your vote.

JOE MORENO, Eligibility Technician/Father (no candidate statement filed)

City of Anaheim, City Council, District 5

SANDRA ANGEL, Accounts Receivable Specialist (no candidate statement filed)

DONNA ACEVEDO-NELSON, Property Manager, Age: 49

I have lived my entire life in Anaheim, working in both legal and medical fields. I have actively participated with our Police chief and deputy on reform and policy issues.

As your councilwoman, I will have regular community meetings throughout District 5 to hear all your concerns and be your voice at City Hall.

I will be a vote against any giveaways to the resort district – our neighborhoods need the resources, and our youth need more opportunities.

I have always been personally fiscally conservative, and one opportunity I look forward to is providing better oversight of the various nonprofits in the city, to ensure they are operating at their highest efficiency for those they are supposed to be helping – whether the homeless or at-risk youth.

And I will continue to push for reform and true police oversight – too many people are still dying needlessly in this city.

Let’s seize this opportunity of Anaheim’s first district elections to end the rule of big moneyed interests in this town. I will be your candidate, your councilwoman, the representative of Anaheim’s working families.

I am Donna Acevedo-Nelson, and I would be honored to have your vote.

MARK LOPEZ, Supervisor’s Deputy Chief

The people of Anaheim deserve a City Council that works for residents and neighborhoods. That’s why I’m asking for your vote.

Local Roots: Anaheim-born and Anaheim homeowner, I graduated with honors from Cal State Fullerton and have served on a city commission for the past three years.

It’s time for a New Generation of Leadership at City Hall. As your City Councilman, my priorities include:

Protecting Anaheim Taxpayers and Promoting Civic Upkeep: We should not give our tax revenues to subsidize Resort Hotels. Those revenues belong to the people of Anaheim, for our community parks and libraries, police and fire first responders, and local streets and roads, and other neighborhood priorities.

Supporting Safe Neighborhoods and Efficient Transportation Strategies: Use my experience as an Orange County policy advisor on Public Safety and Transportation issues to strengthen community policing, increase parking availability and traffic flow, and expand local bus and shuttle service.

I’m proudly endorsed by Anaheim leaders Mayor Tom Tait, Councilmember James Vanderbilt and County Supervisor Shawn Nelson. Please join with us in voting to restore the people’s voice at City Hall!

I’d be honored to earn your vote.

STEVE FAESSEL, Businessman/Anaheim Commissioner, Age: 66

I am an advocate for Anaheim and our neighborhoods.

I fought the proposed CPV Power Plant that would have destroyed our entire Sunkist Corridor.

My decisions on the Anaheim Planning Commission improved the local economy, addressed homelessness and preserved the quality of neighborhoods.

As Chairman of the Budget, Investment and Technology Commission, I helped deliver a balanced budget and insisted on transparency.

I served on the Anaheim Public Utilities Board, championed undergrounding, guided that agency through the energy crisis and worked to ensure some of the lowest rates in Southern California.

On the Metropolitan Water District, I am supporting efforts to reduce water usage, guaranteeing we have water, now and in the future.

I have been an executive with Ace Hardware for most of my professional life, working throughout Southern California on product management, procurement and quality control. I understand business, budgets, and working with others; this earned me the endorsement of the Orange County Taxpayers Association.

I lived my entire life in Anaheim and was raised in the family home across from Pearson Park, attending local schools. My wife Susan and I met here, married, and bought our first home along the Sunkist Corridor. Our son attended local schools. He and his wife have three children, our pride and joy. We attend St. Joseph’s Chapel.

I ask for your vote.

Source:  Orange County Registrar of Voters Candidate Filing log

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