• LFOldTimer

    Sorry. There’s no way I could vote for this guy. When he was mayor of SF he was messing around with his best friend’s wife.

    If he would do that to his best friend – what would he do to me?

  • BeeBee.BeeLeaves

    A little anti-business? More like a whole lotta, lotta lot anti-business. Businesses that had been here for decades, poofed out on us. Just.Like.That. (snap fingers) To Austin. All of Texas. For the win.

    And when you speak of doing things with labor, that’s all, very well and good. With, yay. Just remember that a lot of workers are not in unionized labor, and decisions should not ostracize those in the majority of the State’s populace. In 2015, in California, only 13.9% were organized labor if we are to believe the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Down from 16.3% in 2014. And yet, politicians always serve them first, no doubt due to their donor status. We realize they pay big cash, but that does not make it fair, or democratic. Just saying.