Carson and Wagner: Every Vote Counts and Makes a Difference

The credibility of American elections has been brought to the forefront of this campaign.

For nearly a century, the League’s members have worked tirelessly to ensure that elections in this country are free, fair, and credible.

Thanks to our work, we know voters who cast their ballots do so with the confidence that their votes will count. The League is obligated to set the record straight so that voters across the country have the real facts.

Over the remaining weeks of this election, we urge you to join us in sharing the message, “I’m voting, and I know my vote will count.” If you are involved in discussions related to election credibility, please remember:

  • When there is a problem with the integrity of our elections, the League of Women Voters is the first to speak out.
  • Peddling false claims about such an important issue is a direct threat to America’s cherished democratic process, and it belittles the real challenges too many American voters have faced in recent years.
  • Millions of voters will head to the polls to stand up for what matters most in their communities and their lives. The League hopes all eligible voters will exercise their right to vote and weigh in on the elections in their community.
  • These elections are about our jobs, our health, our communities, our security and our future. Take control and commit to vote in these elections.
  • Voting brings us together as Americans – it is the one time when we are all equal. Voting is your opportunity to support your community and have a say in America’s future. Every vote counts and our votes make a difference.

I am going to vote and I know my vote will count!

Chris Carson is President of the League of Women Voters – United States.  Jan Wagner is President of League of Women Voters – North Orange County.

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