• OCservant_Leader

    BOS Do and the GOP Probe are the real criminals misusing public funds. Nice try.

    Good luck Michelle Martinez!! Turn out the vote and break this corrupt GOP stranglehold at the County.

  • Philmore

    Um, perhaps we should backup and return for another view of this outrage ? If, as said, “Oh, well, another (location’s delegate) would have just gone in my place”, well WHERE is the fiduciary duty of, and WHO insures the accountability of, SCAG, for MAKING THESE SPENDING CHOICES with hard earned taxpayer money ? With the internet ubiquitous, WHY does there always seem to be travel budgets, but NEVER seem to be ONLINE conferences for government bodies, when cost-conscious PRIVATE SECTOR multinational companies seem to be just FINE with that method ? Isn’t it LONG PAST TIME for outside independent FINANCIAL AND MANAGEMENT AUDITS of ALL government bodies ? They certainly compensate THEMSELVES as if they were maximizing the efficiency of the taxpayers resources, HOW ABOUT PROVING IT ?

    • David Zenger

      Here’s an idea, Phil. Let’s shut down SCAG completely. Would anybody outside their payroll even notice the difference?

    • Philmore

      Browsing YouTube for CC candidate videos, I tripped across this somewhat relevant “blast from the past”, a meeting sadly I missed-

      (funny, the link won’t cut/paste post, (???) but search “GRINDALL61 EXPOSES ANAHEIM COUNCIL MEMBER KRIS MURRAY FOR ATTENDING SECRET SCAG MEETINGS.)

  • Paul Lucas

    Every critique being lodged against MIchelle can be said of a majority of electeds in OC. Not condoning it but every single one of the electeds in oc engage in this behavior. All of these educational trips can be equally as effective if they just video taped the information and sites visited for demonstration.

    • John Earl

      That is incorrect. Not all are missing so many meetings. At water boards, some are often late and or early and collect full stipends.

      • David Zenger

        Nice touch.

        Here’s a idea for a State law: arrive on time and leave at adjournment. Otherwise no dinero.

        • Paul Lucas

          Oh come on man??!! Who can support something so radical and earth shattering as that? ;o)

  • Thomas Anthony Gordon

    “Michele only gets paid for meetings she attends” said her campaign consultant Derek Humphrey.

    That is completely untrue.

    “Per an excerpt from the Council Handbook regarding Council compensation. Please note that the monthly salary is provided for unless a member has unexcused absences during that calendar month.”
    Council Members ALWAYS excuse the absences of other members out of courtesy so that all members receive full compensation regardless of attendance.
    Getting paid to not attend council meetings-$125.00

    Getting paid to not attend council meetings while waking up in $260 a night rooms in London & Milan paid for by taxpayers-PRICELESS

  • David Zenger

    “The trip to Europe was paid for by a federal grant in order to explore ways to reduce traffic in Southern California,” Martinez said in her statement.

    Ahhahaha. Comedy program, is it?

    It’s telling that even after such a lousy attendance record her colleagues on the council keep her on MWD – which is their way blowing a nice, wet raspberry at the ratepayers of MWD water in Santa Ana.