• RyanCantor

    But Beach contended the popular vote did “not really” reflect the will of the American people, but only “the popular will of California, New York and Massachusetts.”

    You’re an idiot.

  • Paul Lucas

    This Trump surrogate reminds me of the Neegan surrogates on TWD

  • LFOldTimer

    My belief is that Trump was always in the lead.

    It was the crooked media that tried to deceive us w/ their rigged poll numbers and ‘fake news’.

    And now that Hillary lost they blame the Russians for exposing truth-filled emails. lol.


    • BeeBee.BeeLeaves

      So crooked.

      Following Syrian liberation, which MSM says “fall”, but we invaded really. Following on the ground journalists. So awful. For 4 years, nothing but lies from mainstream media. The white helmets? No one has seen them. They are a PR stunt. A war with a public relations firm. Wow. The useful idiots that Obama, Hillary, McCain and Graham armed, and asked to act as Syrian rebels for this false revolution we created, are al Queda, Nusra thugs. We paid for their weapons. That little Anne Frank of Syria child, Bana. Her mom is a mujadin for al Queda. Her father’s friends are the ones that tormented and beheaded a 12 year old. We, taxpayers, paid them all for their service.

      You are so right. Can’t make this stuff up. Have pictures. Wish we could post. They are from Chinese on the ground journalists. Suppressed in USA for obvious reasons.