Potucek: Women’s March Showed OC Awakening

Rachel Potucek

“Who are we? The Majority!

What do we want? Equality!

How do we get it? Unity!”

On Saturday January 21, I joined women and men from across Orange County to participate in a local “sister march” in downtown Santa Ana, accompanying over 600 marches around the world (including Antarctica) in partnership with the Women’s March on Washington.

I had started volunteering with the organizers a few weeks prior to event day. With festival production experience up my sleeve, and living in Santa Ana, I thought I could lend a hand with logistics. I was stationed at the volunteer and VIP tables throughout the day, where we met many people and handled the normal various operations of outdoor festivals. I arrived at 7:30 AM to see marchers already parking their cars and assembling at our rally point. By 9:30 AM, crowds had overflowed past Plaza Calle Cuatro to fill 4th Street for blocks. Many volunteers and I were overcome with emotion and awe.

The Women’s Marches surprised us all, and Orange County’s was no different. Most marches doubled or tripled preliminary estimates. The Santa Ana Police Department estimated 20,000 in attendance – doubling official registration estimates. The OC march was so large that it snaked the entire 1.1 mile route, connecting end to end.

I met volunteers and marchers from across Orange County, from deep south county to the inland empire, and met up with lifelong Santaneros, too. I was curious for everyone’s impressions. Most struggled to find the words to express their overwhelmed emotions. We often agreed that we had never seen anything like it.

While OC’s blue cracks may be long showing more than ever, Saturday’s march revealed a potential intersectional powerhouse that I hadn’t been expecting. White feminists marched arm in arm with men, people of color, all faiths, immigration activists, labor unions, and LGBTQIA activists. We joined in support of one another, and of one another’s struggles. Our unity has become our golden opportunity to break into a healthier space for mutual understanding.

Thanks to the Women’s March, Orange County’s progressive communities have new room and opportunity to unite on issues ranging from housing, health, social justice, fair pay, immigration, education to equity, and this work is sorely needed in our communities. Although Orange County voted blue in the 2016 Presidential election for the first time in three generations, long-simmering struggles for Orange County’s working classes, immigrant communities, and aging white populations are only going to become more severe unless action is taken.

The Women’s March was a calm, blue tidal wave that ushered in America’s new “moral majority:” a coalition the believes America is great when all its people are great. I saw many

families and children, elderly men and women, and husbands and fathers walking with their young daughters. This was a gathering of everyday people who do not want a fearful future. They are eager for a better political future. Perhaps OC is much more ready for progressivism than many expected — but only if we keep walking arm in arm.

Rachel Potucek, Santa Ana business owner 

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  • verifiedsane

    What a bunch of liberal propaganda hogwash…Here we are in 2017, President Trump is getting to work for America, and the far left loons are still campaigning and whining away.

    It’s really Okay, opinions are like orifices, everyone has at least one!…some even come with silly pink hats, and empty bags of tired and worn out socialist rhetoric.

    This Leftist funded march appears more like a county and public employee’s union rally, than anything else. Just a bunch of fools running around in silly hats, preaching nonsense to other fools…

  • Dailysportseditor

    The world-wide Women’s Marches’ successes, including the OC March, proves that a network of grass-roots women leaders can develop enormous progressive political power NOW.

    Why and how? Because for so many women of all ages, the issues of discrimination, exploitation, objectification and dehumanization are personal, not just political or social concerns.

    This reality unifies women of all ages, races and nationalities. That unity creates the basis for a mass women’s movement as the core element of a broad-based progressive majority in the U.S.

  • LFOldTimer

    Hi Rachel,

    Why didn’t these masses of feminists march in protest of Bill Clinton who s*xually abused several women (he paid abuse victim Paula Jones $850,000) and used his presidential powers to seduce a young intern a 3rd his age for s*xual favors in the Oval Office then lied about it on national TV – or in protest of Hillary Clinton who vigorously defended her s*xual predator husband and verbally demeaned and degraded his s*xually abused victims?

    Did the feminists approve of Hillary taking multi-millions in donations to the Clinton Foundation Fund from Saudi Arabia – a country well-known to mutilate, degrade, dehumanize, imprison, beat, humiliate and even kill women who don’t adhere to standards of males in their society? Why no feminist protests in America?

    It seems that Trump is a mere piker compared to the Clinton duo. Why so much focus on Trump?

    Thanks in advance for your response.

    • justanon

      ” Why so much focus on Trump and no focus on the Clintons?”

      Because one is now POTUS with the ability to make and drive policy decisions that will affect millions of people’s lives.
      When the answer is so obvious one is forced to wonder why anyone would even ask such a ridiculous question?

      • LFOldTimer

        None of these feminists protested Clinton for being an apologist for a s*xual predator when she ran for the democrat nomination or for President. Why not?

        Are you trying to insinuate that these feminist protesters would have protested Hillary for being a s*xual predator apologist and accepting donations from ME nations that degrade women had she won the Presidency?

        Don’t insult our intelligence, justanon. Be genuine.

        • justanon

          Why the fixation on Clinton? She lost. She and Bill are irrelevant as they are not going to be making policy going forward.You need to move on.

          You have to defend Trump now, and he has a record of disturbing and alarming rhetoric and actions. People are alarmed because of his current behavior. His ‘speech’ in front of the CIA was alarming for anyone with two brain cells to rub together. Trump is mentally ill.
          All the deflection and mud-slinging at the Clintons will not provide cover for this unstable and unfit POTUS.

          • LFOldTimer

            Your comment is unresponsive to my concerns.

            That’s because you know my concerns have validity.

            Stop asking the same questions over and over again that I’ve already answered. Start answering my questions if you want to have a fair and legitimate debate.

          • justanon

            I think the fact that Clinton is not POTUS is an answer.
            It is you who is left swinging in the wind, fighting a battle decided over two months ago.
            The fact that you have no answers for Trump’s appalling and disturbingly unhinged behavior is amusing.
            Get used to bobbing and weaving as the turds from the whiny, orange, man-baby are …incoming!

          • LFOldTimer

            The question is NOT whether Clinton is President.

            The question is why were the feminists SILENT when Clinton ran for President?

            The feminists weren’t silent when Trump ran for President. Why only protest one side when the other side are obvious misogynists?

            Gee, did it have something to do with political ideology?

          • justanon

            Actually, regardless of Bill Clinton’s personal issues he championed women’s issues and most women (and men) not being knee-jerk idiots get the difference.
            Most people don’t care if someone is having an affair or even ten as long as their policies don’t negatively affect them.
            See, that’s the problem with Trump, he’s a neanderthal personally and professionally.

          • LFOldTimer

            You don’t answer my questions because you realize there is no rational comeback.

            Instead you make excuses for a proven s*xual predator who has forcibly abused women and used them like chattel.

            Lecher Bill (a married man) used his presidential influence & power to seduce a lowly intern a 3rd his age for his own s*xual pleasures in the Oval Office.

            You make excuses for Bill (and Hillary) Clinton and focus all your anger on Trump! lol

            Obviously it’s all about political ideology with you. It’s got NOTHING to do with women’s rights. Phony, phony, phony!!!!

          • justanon

            Yeah, it is about political ideology, what part of “championed women’s issues” didn’t you understand?

            Hillary supported abortion rights, Planned Parenthood, equal pay for equal work, parental leave, the ACA, LGBTQ rights and universal pre-school, that’s why women didn’t protest her because they liked her policies.

            You need some new material, Bill and Hillary are over. You can’t keep using them to deflect the fact that your guy is an embarrassment and a danger to this country and the majority of people know it and all the exclamation points in the world won’t change that fact.

          • verifiedsane

            When you complete your wacky liberal orbit around the planet Uranus. Come back to the realm of functional reality, and join the rest of the nation on planet earth.

          • justanon

            Wow, more juvenile insults from verifiedsane.

            You really should rethink your strategy. Throwing out silly insults and invective doesn’t bolster your right-wing ideology, but rather exposes it for the nasty and spiteful worldview that it is.

            Your comments are a great “poster child” for the typical trump supporter. They say:
            juvenile, hateful, ignorant and bigoted.

            Good job.

          • verifiedsane

            Coming from someone with such little knowledge and insight; I will consider your ignorant comment an esteemed compliment… 🙂

    • Jacki Livingston

      Probably because most of that stuff was proven to be nonsense, while Trump admits he is an abuser of women. One need only watch the tapes of the inauguration and see how he treats his own wife. The man is a vile predator, evil and sleazy.

      The Clintons are what they are. Numerous attempts to jail them have been useless, and nothing has been proven. The Clintons didn’t win the election, Trump and his horrible Pence boy did. They are the ones with the power to hurt women, and they have wasted no time in doing so. Putin’s little boyfriend will not last, because we will not go back to the fifties, barefoot and pregnant.

      • LFOldTimer

        Trump never admitted he was a woman abuser. More fake news. He spewed some locker-room talk 10 years ago. So what? I hear that same talk at the gym on a daily basis. Testosterone elicits crude language from the male species now and then. Women tell me that females are no better in the women’s locker room. Get over it. It was just an excuse to bash the GOP candidate for President.

        Apparently you didn’t see Bill Clinton ogle Ivanka at the Inauguration right on national TV in front of millions of viewers. What a swine with no shame! Hillary gave him a look that could kill. Naturally, the feminists P*ssyHats never mentioned that during their march. ha. But then Bill is a liberal democrat! ha.


        Hillary didn’t win (thank God) but the incredible bias against Trump during his campaign and the blinders worn by liberal democrats was a sight to behold.

        • Jacki Livingston

          Because any woman who has ever been a victim or survivor can spot a predator in a hot flash second. That man is a predator, pure and simple. He is evil to the core.

          • LFOldTimer

            Then you must have read Bill Clinton like a cheap dog-eared paperback book in 1992 when he first ran for President.

            If Trump is evil Clinton is Attila the Hun.

            But the Pink P*ssyHats never complained. Did they? lol.

            You folks lost and just can’t get over it.

          • justanon

            What nonsense, but boy has right-wing hate talk done a number on you.
            I’m sure in your through-the-looking-glass world where up is down and vise versa that somehow experience, preparedness and thoughtfulness are seen as demonic.

            And that’s how we’ve been brought to a place where a reckless and mentally ill man is POTUS. Just imagine if Obama had done any of the number of reckless, chaotic and radical things trump has done, conservatives heads would’ve exploded.

            When Obama signed executive orders (that were well researched and vetted properly) conservatives howled, but now that trump is POTUS and signing them (without any reviews or vetting) it’s a-okay.

            At least admit the hypocrisy.

          • Jacki Livingston

            Get off Clinton. He’s old news and done. Trump is a predator, a sick, evil, hateful man with his own child and wife. Clinton will never be back in power. Now it is time to get Trump out.

          • LFOldTimer

            My point is behavior of politicians is judged not on the actual behavior but on which political party they happen to belong to. Despicable Democrat behavior is swept under the rug by the media. That same media creates fake news to sabotage Trump. Free press in America is a fallacy. Most reporters these days are street-walking presstitutes.

          • Jacki Livingston

            DumpTrump is about to go after adoptive parents who are gay. As far as I am concerned, I don’t care if he sleeps with a llama. It makes him a subhuman sleaze. This piece of filth is not my president, and he never will be. He is a hateful, evil, awful, sick, tragic, nasty, predatorial scum. There is not now, and there never will be, any one as low as Donald J. Trump, and the sooner the people of this country rise up and rid ourselves of this embarrassment by whatever means are necessary, the better off the human race will be. This stopped being about who slept with whom a long time ago. The Great Cheeto is a child abuser, a wife abuser and a woman hater. That is on them. Now he is implementing his programs of hate, division and evil, trying to turn human rights back fifty years. There is no way that decent Americans can allow this to happen. Every brick he puts up on a wall, we have to take down. Every anti-LGBTQ policy he puts in, we will block. He wants a Muslim registry? All decent people will register as Muslims. Faux News and Steve Bannon and Spicer and Kellyanne and all their alternative facts cannot cover up the facts that Trump is a Putin/Hitler wannabe. He’s Putin’s boyfriend, but we are not playing with him. This isn’t about Dem or GOP, this is about human rights, and Trump has no idea how ugly this can get. The right wing nutters have made sure we are all armed, and the guillotines are sharp. Those who fail to learn from history will repeat it. In two weeks, that horrible excuse for a human has inflicted more evil on this country than Bush and Satan’s Handmaiden Cheney did in eight years! No more! It will end now! I am all for some fiscal restraint. But turning back human rights and destroying everything this nation stands for? No…no way. Civil war is around the corner.

          • LFOldTimer

            90% unwashed hyperbole.

            Most people support human rights. But humans don’t have a inalienable right to step on US soil unless they were born here or have authorization to be here.

            Trump is simply enforcing the laws and the Constitution that were ignored by the previous administration to keep the nation safe.

            Obama banned Iraqi refugees in 2011. Obama is the one who coined those 7 nations as terrorist threats. Obama dropped over 26,000 bombs on 7 nations in 2016 which killed thousands of innocent humans. What about their ‘human rights’? Why no protests?

            The Trump criticisms fall on deaf ears since none of you protested Obama for things that were 10,000 times more evil than anything Trump has done.


          • Jacki Livingston

            Trump is a vile, evil, horrible human being. None of the other crap thrown around matters. He is pure evil and hate, he is owned by Putin. He is the scum of the earth and he is not my President, he never will be and I hope he is taken out.

    • Judy Allen

      In case you missed it LFOldTimer, Bill Clinton was NOT running for President this time! Has a old person like you been asleep for the past 10 years?????

      • LFOldTimer

        But his wife ran for President. And his wife defended her lecher s*xual predator pig of a husband for years while impugning and chastising his female victims.

        Face it, Judy. This is all about politics. Nothing about behavior. Obama dropped 26,000 bombs in 7 muslim nations in 2016 killing thousands of innocent people and none of you protested him.

        Please, stop w/ the facade. Just admit your political leanings and that you root for the home team.

      • questionauthority2

        When you vote for Hillary, who did you think was going to the White House with her?

  • Judy Allen

    Thank you Rachel, for your article and your impressions of the Women’s March which was held in Santa Ana last Saturday morning. I grew teary eyed reading your description of the families, friends and strangers…. fathers and daughters, old and young, different faiths, different colors, different races and immigration statuses too. Women haven’t always been supportive of each other and this was a wonderful show of solidarity among and between us. Let us keep supporting each other arm in arm toward a better future of higher education, equality, equal income and as positive role models for our children.

    • verifiedsane

      Was that an actual comment…or a bad prelude to a cheesy romance novel….If you spread any more honey upon that manure, the flies will go diabetic…LMAO

      • questionauthority2

        Don’t pay them any mind ‘verified’, those are just typical airhead women thinking they know better.

      • justanon

        Have you ever made a comment that had any substance?

        Your continued attempts at belittling those with whom you disagree politically are embarrassing. All I can think of is a giant pustule erupting and spewing it’s vile pus everywhere. Are you getting your ‘inspiration’ in the mirror? Don’t take your sad, pathetic existence out on everyone else. Hard work and introspection pay out bigger than lashing out at others for your own inadequacies.

        In other words: time to grow up, pimply faced, angry … boy.

    • Jacki Livingston

      Don’t pay him any mind, Judy. He couldn’t get a woman in a women’s prison with a handful of pardons and a case of cigarettes.

      Seriously, men just don’t get it. We will not accept the criminal, predator, evil troll that is Trump. He is not now, nor will he ever be my president. #RESIST!

      • Judy Allen

        Thanks Jacki…. believe me, verifiedsane’s comment made me shake my head and smile. Seems to be a real dork with a hefty negative imagination. Interesting that he posts his useless drivel and gets such a kick out of himself…. his disgusting male ego is in tact!

        • verifiedsane

          You can always tell when the bitter angry man hating women get together for a unity march; they are the ones walking arm in arm doing the 1930’s German military goose step….

        • questionauthority2

          I think the useless drivel is coming from your Pollyanna comments. Good luck navigating in this world, it is not the one you think it is

        • verifiedsane

          Is this the kind of disingenuous ad hoc pseudo non-judgemental therapeutic non-sense you provide clients with your online “about feelings network”? Yikes, that’s just plain scary Judith

      • questionauthority2

        Why the hell would he want a woman in a women’s prison? make a better point than that. In the end, it will be you women who are alone for having ridiculous opinions, those who cannot see the broad picture, in the end you will wish you did.

        • Jacki Livingston

          That was singularly ridiculous.

      • verifiedsane

        Are you expressing your personally held opinions here, or those of an SSA Eligibility Technician employed by the County of Orange? Just asking; since your sexism, prejudice, and bias appears to be showing 🙂

        • Jacki Livingston

          Personal opinions, of course.

  • OCservant_Leader

    Wake up call!

    I know why the OC is the ” Red County” and it ain’t because they are the majority! Oh no.

    It’s because the GOP has hijacked County Government which they use to fund all their campaigns across the OC with your tax dollars.

    They lie, they cheat and they have stolen Democracy in the OC. All potential candidates and staff are given full – time County (well paid) jobs with no assignment to free them up to run their campaigns.

    They have access to all the GOP campaign machinery at the County – and use all taxpayer paid resources right there under the guise of public service.

    The Tea Power was funded by full-time positions at the County. The Chair rose from a Clerk to Management with no assignment as he blogged and organized all the campaigns across the County — all on the taxpayers dime!

    Because the GOP machine control the Board of Supervisors, the Sheriff the DA and the Register of Voters — they are running an organized crime ring- funded by you.

    This Family in power is not accountable to anyone – they violate – all resident’s rights – minorities, immigrants, women, LGTBQ, patients, the accused, the disabled — you name it. The services they provide are deplorable. They don’t follow any law or regulation. And they don’t care. You have no idea how much they have stolen from you.

    They support the top 1% only. So unless you are in this group I suggest you get involved with your local OC government, tune into the OC Justice System scandal And demand accountability from those in power over you.

    I wish you and all the Marchers…the best of luck in your future activism!

    • verifiedsane

      “GOP has hijacked County Government”

      You lost the argument the moment you made gross overreaching statements, and by targeting institutionalized corruption based solely on political party affiliation. No one can judge the character of a person based solely upon the accumulation of their wealth or their political affiliation. “Character” is an apolitical moral compass that guides our conscience, actions, behavior, ethics, and conduct. That’s stretches far beyond the mere deflections of painted labels and camouflage used in typical partisan rancor.

      You call out “progressive” as if it were a factual depiction of reality; when in truth you are propagating a “regressive” position. Government corruption and the deemed ruling class hide behind the political labels to divide, misinform, propagandize, and distract the citizenry from focusing upon the actual problems and in correlation “real” substantive solutions.

      One would need to look no further than a single party dominated & controlled Sacramento to see by example how the real hard core corruption pros and criminals operate. If water flows down hill as the laws of nature & gravity dictate, so does the ugly infestation of government corruption and self service. It other words: the problems with entrenched government criminality, and corruption are much bigger and more systemic than the average citizen can ever imagine.

      We will never properly address the government corruption epidemic by blindly casting stones in a single partisan direction. That approach only creates an atmosphere of derisiveness & chaos, while continually perpetuating and fostering the growth of government corruption.

      • OCservant_Leader

        I am against government corruption – period.

        In the OC – I witnessed how the GOP hijacked “public service” to run their campaigns and enrich themselves.

        If you don’t agree with the law making in Sacramento – that’s another story.

        I’m talking about the funds being redirected from their lawful purpose — into GOP campaining in OC.

        I can only speak to my experience. This is what I am referring to.

        • verifiedsane

          interesting concept there OCservant! selective government corruption. Isn’t that much like selective hearing! You’re taking the ignorance of partisan rancor to a new all time low…

          • OCservant_Leader

            My focus here –is what is going in the OC.

            Don’t get me wrong – government (as I found out) is ripe for corruption- especially if there is collusion.

            We should as citizens all be concerned.

            My example of the OC just happens to be where I spent most of my career.

            I did work in another conservative RED public entity – and it was not run like the OC. There were job descriptions and qualified bureaucrats running the administration. The OC is different.