• Roger Butow

    “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.”
    Good intentions or not, resembling the Titanic (a monolithic vessel that couldn’t fail/sink), the Pollyanna mock-ups we all viewed became just that: A mockery.
    It began sinking under the the weight of Intrigue & Ineptitude, never resurfaced intact.
    All-American Irvine, a Great Park of, for and by the people, as gone as all of that money. Irvine couldn’t really loose anyway, after all they’re still sitting pretty regarding guaranteed short, mid and long term revenue in THEIR coffers.
    Greed is good (money, power or both), the times we live in, how much more American can it get?

  • Shirley L. Grindle

    Beth Krom may have had the finest of intentions to develop the Great Park, but I will never understand how she and Agran could waste hundreds of milliions of dollars they handed over to the Forde-Mollrich firm. I suspect Agran felt it was better to have them indebted to him rather than to the opposition. A huge waste of money.

  • Stephen Masek

    Who else attended the auction and saw the beautiful model of a truly great park, with monumental museum buildings and grand outdoor spaces, which was on display? All they had to do was obtain bids for building just that. The major accomplishment was the demolition of a bunch of junk buildings, but the total cost of that was a tiny, tiny part of what they spent. Now, all the rest of us in orange County who voted for a great park have nothing but a bunch of ball fields for the surrounding subdivision (and three junk old buildings rebuilt at astronomical cost).

  • Ltpar

    Beth Krom was a Larry Agran clone the first day she was elected and went out the door, still that same clone. As far as her geting along with the community, she forgot about the Krom/Agran destruction of the successful Irvine Sister City Program. They did this deed because the Foundation objected to them throwing our Sister City in Taiwan under the bus in favor of Communist China. Yes, Beth that was a great piece of Community work. As far as the Great Park went, Kron was part of the Council majority who rewarded political BFF’s of Larry Agran while blowing over 200 million dollars of taxpayer money. Sorry Beth, your legacy on the Council will be the same as Larry Agran, two of the worst people ever to be elected in Irvine.

  • Roger Butow

    This interview is proof of how out of touch these Irvine politicians from both parties are: The Great Pork was just that, a pork barrel project sold to OC voters as philanthropic, a REGIONAL facility whose sole intent was to stuff Irvine pockets once voters had been scammed.
    So buses lined up? Hello, Earth to Beth, that’s what regional parks become, they’re supposed to be magnets. Purported to exceed Central Park, imagine the outrage if New Yorkers got regional endorsements, state and federal grants etc., then closed it to City residents only?
    We were duped, handed them a cash cow on the promise that they’d at least create then share the diverse park space. Instead, they ALL set about figuring how to keep it nearly private, a revenue toy.
    How else to explain that they dissolved the Board with 4 at large members, reconfigured with 5 & ONLY ICC members? Machiavellian manipulation, selfish incompetents all.
    We, the People, handed over the keys to what was supposed to be a Rolls-Royce of facilities, you created a Pinto, an Edsel. And STILL City Hall refuses to concede that it’s corrupt.
    Homer Simpson once told Marge that it takes two to lie: One to lie, one to listen. We came to your rescue and you betrayed us. We helped you avoid jets screaming overhead, and this is how you paid us back.
    Yeah, we’re laughing and the alcohol might help deaden the pain of being bilked. So yes, we’re laughing, not WITH you but AT you. And at ourselves for being suckers. You taught us here in the South, that although a very educated and sophisticated portion of OC, we didn’t consider what a Judas you really were.
    All we asked was to get what you vowed: To share. You get to keep the property taxes and other local fees.
    Everyone lapped at the trough who was hired, got rich/richer, you brought a CEO & his developer cronies down from the Bay Area—They’d slept together before. You basically brought strangers, out of state vendors into our area when our locals could have used the work and PR. That’s called REGIONAL PRIDE, work for the local economy, something the Irvine councils over the years seem unfamiliar with.
    You’ve strutted and fretted your hours upon the stage, Beth, accomplished little or nothing except keep a tight fisted grip on a project meant to benefit our County and yes, low income outsiders seeking some tranquility. Now it’ll be for YOUR City residents, or those who can afford pricey Pay-to-Play fees.
    There won’t be buses of kids seeking a day with nature but Mercedes & Range Rover SUVs dropping off entitleds.
    Thanks, thanks for nothing. Now just shut up and go away. You’re reminding us of our own judgment failures, it’s bad enough driving past and thinking of what could have been.

    • David Zenger

      “Anybody who’s ever met me knows I show up everyday as myself using my own brain.”

      That is most likely the problem.