• OCservant_Leader

    Yea – get rid of the evidence!

    So this was one of the first County Buildings- built by the taxpayers
    Then it gets sold to a private investor?
    and then leased back to the County? eh
    then it becomes a “sick building” and uninhabitable?
    then the County buys it back for 3.5M? eh
    but then it is has to demolished at the tax payers expense?

    What kind of funny math is this?

    • David Zenger

      I don’t know the details of what you have described. Here’s what I do know.

      This was a perfectly serviceable structure that for some reason had to be gotten rid of. It was built of structural steel with massive concrete exterior panels. The basement was a nuclear fall out shelter!

      It was so funny to listen to the drones go on about how the building was no good because it had asbestos (there was some chrysolite in floor tiles and the equipment penthouse stucco) and had to be demolished.

      When I pointed out that prior to demolition the asbestos would have to be removed too – just like if the County kept the building, all I got were dumb stares.

      So the County had to pay the cost of demo and wastes the built value of the existing structure. Why? Because the BoS cooked up a scheme to build new, hiring a “developer” to do what the County Public Works Department should easily have been able to do – build stuff.

      If you want to look for the reasons you need go no farther than the Form 460s and look up Griffin Structures.

      • OCservant_Leader

        Thank you!

        This was a scheme By the the BOS!

        The sale-lease back – scheme only benefited the very few at the top.

        What a taxpayer screw-over.

        • OCservant_Leader

          And there’s no funds to deal with the homeless… really?

      • OCservant_Leader

        Hey Zenger
        Did you ever know anything about the “other” building #16?

        It is connected…the same crew made Millions on it. It’s on Sycamore- right next to the old BOS building. It needs to be demolished too – but most records are already shredded.