• Christopher Grant

    Why do ya’ll think that there must be widespread voter fraud in OC?

    And why do you think that fraud would be heavily in favor of Clinton?

  • Cuzco Ramos

    Another liberal coverup. They check the system, the booths and the people running the voting locations. No investigation of the people who vote.

  • OCservant_Leader

    Something ain’t right — if the majority in OC voted for the pantsuit — yet red County stayed RED in all local elections?

    GOP is not the majority yet keeps 99% local control?

    Kinda makes ya go hmmm?

    • LFOldTimer

      I agree.

      Something stinks.

      This is the 1st time I’ve questioned the GJ. I hope they aren’t going south on us too.

      This GJ is supposed to be running an investigation on OCSD (the illegal informant scandal). Since this GJ’s term is up soon the report must be about ready. If the GJ says that Hutchens and OCSD are on the up and up – I lose total faith and confidence in all watchdog agencies in the County of Orange.

  • LFOldTimer

    Then the GJ didn’t look hard enough. There has to be widespread voter fraud in OC.

    There aren’t safeguards in our electoral system.

    What’s to stop someone from walking into a precinct poll and claim to be John Doe who lives in the voting district and voting in his place? The polling place doesn’t require any ID. I have to show ID when I apply for a library card. I have to show ID when I use a credit card. Yet no ID is required for one of the most sacred functions any citizen could participate in.

    The system is designed for voter fraud.

    At the most recent vote in Los Angeles only 10% of the registered voters actually voted. So if someone walked into a polling place and claimed to be a certain person who lived in the district what would stop him from registering a fraudulent vote??? And there’d be a 90% chance he’d get away with it!!!

    Do you realize what a stupid system they’ve created, as far as safeguarding the integrity of our electoral system?