Tim Shaw to Run for Orange County Supervisor

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March 20, 2017

Tim Shaw to Run for Orange County Supervisor

La Habra City Councilmember Picks Up Key Endorsements

LA HABRA, CA: Long time La Habra City Councilman and former La Habra Mayor Tim Shaw confirmed today that he is running for Orange County Supervisor. He spelled out his plans in a message sent to thousands of his supporters and becomes the front runner in the race to the race to succeed Shawn Nelson as Orange County Supervisor from the 4th District.

“I firmly believe the 2016 election results sent a strong message,” Shaw wrote in a letter to his supporters. “People are tired of politics as usual, and we need to tear up the playbook and start from scratch.”

Shaw also announced that his campaign has earned the support and backing of State Senate Minority Leader Emeritus Bob Huff (R-Brea), who represented much of the 4th District for the past eight years. He has also earned the enthusiastic support of La Habra City Council colleagues, James Gomez, Michael Blazey and Tom Beamish.

Shaw has served on the La Habra City Council since he was first elected in 2008. He served as Mayor in 2012 and was reelected to a third term on the City Council last year. He represents the 4th Supervisorial District on the Orange County Transportation Authority Board. His other regional leadership roles include serving on the Board of Directors of the Orange County Sanitation District and the Association of California Cities — Orange County.

“My time on the La Habra City Council, working as a policy advisor to a County Supervisor, teaching American Government at the college level, directing field staff for a State Senate Office and service on local and regional boards and commissions has prepared me for this next step to serve our community,” said Shaw. “This challenge isn’t an easy one, but my desire to make Orange County a better place and bring opportunity to Orange County families will overcome all obstacles.”

Shaw is married (Shannon) and is the proud father of five children. He attended local public schools in the 4th District and it’s where he and Shannon have chosen to raise their family.

Shaw is proud to serve as Government Affairs Director for the Pacific West Association of Realtors as well as the La Habra City Council. He also teaches American Government at Rio Hondo College. Follow Councilman Shaw on Facebook.

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  • Chunder Bucket

    Tim Shaw is going nowhere, Young Kim has the Establishment Republican support and is raising a LOT of money. Tim Shaw is more interested in his government career and less interested in constituents. Not a recipe for success.

  • Kona Golden

    Tim Shaw is a terrible choice. Tim is a RINO who doesn’t seem to embrace Republican principles, just Republicans. In the proposed annexation of some county islands by La Habra, Tim wasn’t even smart enough to make it appear like he would listen or reconsider his position when it was clear it would cost residents anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Even when 100% of the residents of one area OPPOSED the annexation. He’s not a guy I’d want representing me. Seems he keeps looking for his next job as a career politician. Tim needs to learn “you govern with the consent of the governed”.

  • LFOldTimer

    I don’t see one name that impresses me.

    More of the same.

    You are free to choose between Frankenstein, Dracula, The Gila Monster and Godzilla.

    Typical OC election.

    The fix is in before you even visit the voting polls. ha.

  • loudchapina

    This is going to be a fun race. Cynthia Aguirre, Rose Espinoza, Young Kim, Joe Kerr, Tim Shaw and ??? Let’s see who can do the least damage.

    • Chunder Bucket

      Espinoza’s a lightweight, Tim Shaw is self serving and has few supporters. Kerr is a carpetbagger. Young Kim is the Establishment candidate and is raising a LOT of money. Non of these are good candidates, but as you said, “Let’s see who can do the least damage.”

  • verifiedsane

    Is it already time to starting placing bets on which pony to pick in this race, and which ones will come up lame right out of the starting gate running for BoS?

  • David Zenger

    Another “educator.”