Anaheim to Vote on Sanctuary City

The Anaheim City Council will vote on whether Anaheim should become a sanctuary city.

City Councilwoman Lucille Kring put the issue on the April 25 agenda.

“I think the public needs to know where the council stands on that issue,” Kring said.

The subject of sanctuary cities has been broached briefly during discussions of Councilman Jose Moreno’s “Welcoming America” initiative, a broad program welcoming immigrants.

Moreno, who came to the U.S. illegally as a child, has mentioned he’s opposed to deporting undocumented immigrants during those discussions but has not used the phrase “sanctuary city.”

The term sanctuary city is not well-defined but generally refers to cities where law enforcement does not detain undocumented immigrants or hold them beyond their release date on behalf of federal immigration authorities.

Anaheim already does not ask people in its custody about their immigration status and does not hold immigrants beyond their release date for immigration authorities.

The city of Santa Ana and high school districts in Anaheim, Santa Ana and Garden Grove have all declared themselves sanctuaries for undocumented immigrants.

Moreno said Kring should define the term “sanctuary city” before scheduling a vote, which she did not do at Tuesday’s meeting.

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  • Barry Kruol

    Why waste taxpayer dollars on such a vote. Follow the laws of the land.

  • LFOldTimer

    Merriam-Webster defines ‘sanctuary’ as: “A place of refuge and protection”.

    The government should not provide refuge or protection for those who break our laws. And let’s not be coy or willfully naïve. We aren’t discussing LEGAL immigrants here. The focus is on ILLEGAL immigrants – even though the cowardly politicians won’t bring themselves to use the word ILLEGAL. It would be a damning admission for an elected American official SWORN under oath to obey our laws and defend our US Constitution to endorse protecting criminals. Could you imagine these same politicians endorsing protection for car thieves or burglars? They would be laughed out of office. But they don’t hesitate endorsing protection for those who ILLEGALLY break into the country, steal jobs and in the process violate our State and Federal labor laws and steal identities which causes great harm to the victims of those crimes. None who endorse such behavior are fit for elected office in this country. They are nothing more than traitors to the sacred moral and legal underpinnings that define our nation.

    If I willfully provided refuge or protection for someone who committed a crime in my home I would be harboring a fugitive and looking at some serious time in jail. Yet the local governments do it with impunity? What a corrupted sewer we live in.

    If the City of Anaheim takes the low road and endorses criminality I vow to never again spend one thin dime of my money in any business within their city limits.

    If you don’t like the laws of our land – then change them. But don’t act like savages and endorse those who show no respect for our laws or for LEGAL immigrants who play by the rules or for American citizens who pay for their illegal occupation.

    • ChalesNero

      Go back to Europe then! The so called “illlegals” belong more to this continent and this land than you. Ahhh and do not forget to take your money with you.

      • LFOldTimer

        That’s all you got??? lol.

        My parents and grandparents came here legally.

        How ’bout yours???

        Indians inhabited the land called Mexico today before Mexicans were invented. So what? Today it’s called Mexico. Today our country is called America. Get over it.

      • millbob

        Obviously your statement comes from a person with a very limited understanding of logic and common sense. The scary part is that people like you actually vote!

    • millbob

      I’m on board with LFOldTimer. It’s real simple for those of you who don’t get it. Laws have been proposed, argued and legislated in the interest of best serving the nation. Now we have local and national politicians choosing to cherry pick which laws they deem worthy of enforcing. It doesn’t work that way folks. If you don’t like the law, get it through the legislative process and have it changed. Otherwise, don’t complain about the Trumps of the world who choose to follow the law as it is currently written.

    • Cam Pic

      Imagine if someone broke into her house, would she bring up the vote for ‘sanctuary’ home?

      • LFOldTimer


        Good point.

        ALL nations have borders and immigration laws for a reason.

        The sanctuary nerds can’t seem to comprehend that concept.

  • RyanCantor

    “Moreno said Kring should define the term ‘sanctuary city’ before scheduling a vote, which she did not do at Tuesday’s meeting.”

    Hand her a dictionary first.

    • David Zenger

      “The term sanctuary city is not well-defined”

      Nothing like voting on something that isn’t well-defined. Which reminds me a lot of all those Kring hundred million dollar klepto votes based on wishful thinking, phony reports, and “intuitively obvious” stuff.

      • millbob

        Maybe the city is following Nancy Pelosi’s idea of voting for it to find out what’s in it!