Senator Newman’s Transportation Lockbox Measure Approved by Legislature

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April 6, 2017

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Senator Newman’s Transportation Lockbox Measure Approved by Legislature

 Sacramento  – On Thursday, April 6th Assembly Constitutional Amendment (ACA) 5, authored by Senator Josh Newman (D-Fullerton) and Assemblymember Jim Frazier (D-Discovery Bay) passed out of both houses of the Legislature. The measure will appear as a proposition on the next statewide election ballot, for citizen approval.

“Given the urgency of the transportation and infrastructure repair backlog before California, and the additional burden we are asking the state’s taxpayers to take on to address it now, it is essential that we provide Californians with a very clear assurance that these new revenues will be spent only on repairing our aging infrastructure, reducing congestion, and otherwise supporting transportation improvements that foster economic development across the state– in urban, suburban, and rural areas alike. ACA 5 provides voters with the important assurance that their hard-earned money will be spent in a responsible and fiscally prudent manner,” said Senator Newman.

The provisions of the transportation lockbox amendment expand upon the current protections in the constitution and securitize the new revenues raised by SB 1.

Specifically it will protect:

  • A new transportation improvement fee (progressive rate, $25 to $175):   Protected under ACA 5.
  • Gas excise tax (+12 cents):  Protected under current Article XIX, Section 2.
  • BOE price-based tax adjustment: Protected under current Article XIX, Section 2.
  • Diesel excise tax (+20 cents):  Protected under current Article XIX, Section 2.
  • Diesel sales tax (+ 4%):   Protected under current Article XIX A (And ACA 5 in new (subdivision (g)).
  • Zero Emissions Vehicle fee ($100, starting in 2020):   Protected under Article XIX, Section 3.

For the full language of the constitutional amendment please visit


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  • Dana Swart

    Why keep it to just the new tax increase? If this is such a great idea that it needs to be celebrated, why not apply it to all specially assessed taxes? I say that if you are taxing something for a specific purpose, i.e. gas tax, excise tax, property tax, sales tax, then the money should only be used for that purpose. Making this “lock box” effective to all existing taxes would eliminate the need for this transportation tax increase at all.

  • LFOldTimer

    And all the liberals cheer wildly for a $52 BILLION tax increase on Californians over the next 10 years! ha!

    And this is in one of the already HIGHEST taxed states in the nation!!! lol.

    What a bunch of slobbering morons!

    It’s almost like coming to a hanging party with a brand new rope that the host will use on the guest!!! lol.

    And the guest says: Rah rah rah. When it it my turn??? lol.