• OCservant_Leader

    Public servant’s – Immunity protection is the problem.

    Public servants should not be able to intentionally break the law and not be held accountable.

    Currently- all wrongdoings in OC fall under “incompetence” – which is how the “Family” flourishes in secret.

    Fining the Agency for It’s employees crimes doesn’t solve anything.

    We need to strip immunity.

  • Paul Lucas

    this is a good bill. I hope it passes.

  • John Claxton

    You still refuse to print whether or not the county had to pay your attorneys bill?

    • LFOldTimer

      I asked the same question on this board. No response. So I’m confused too.

      If the government loses a case related to the Public Records Act it should be on the hook for attorney costs. Common sense.

      Otherwise there’s a HUGE financial disincentive for the public to challenge the government to obtain hidden records that they’re entitled to. Sure, you might end up getting the documents you requested but at what cost??? It defeats the entire purpose of the Act itself. Catch 22.

      But it would be nice for VOC to let their readers know whether the judge awarded them at least partial attorney fees for the trouble they were forced to go through.

  • Daniel Lamb

    You know, I use to have a real, well-grounded, fear of the Public Sector unions. I experienced retaliation simply because I spoke my mind (and, God knows, its not as if I was only critical of labor). But if, perhaps when, the Big Government unions ever get caught doing something horrible (and they will), they will simply lose their right to exist. Not in a physical sense of course, but their institutions and everything they hold dear would be cancelled. I would of course preach restraint and moderation because that is who I am at heart, but it will be hard given that the good American people will see… red. So I suggest you all smarten up, behave and start self-policing or the gravy train will come to a halt. (And please stop abusing public record laws) Peace and Love.

    • Daniel Lamb

      and that goes for the Plaintiffs’ Bar too… 😉

  • The taxpayer foots the bill. And, as Janet Nguyen once said, “It’s free money.” That’s the way crooked (read all) politicians in Orange County see it.

  • kburgoyne

    I don’t think it’s clear… who’s suppose to pay the $5K? Seems like the taxpayers are going to get to pay the $5K on top of the legal fees. If that’s the case, then I don’t see the politicians actually caring.

    All government records should be outside the control of the politicians (etc). The records office should have possession of all government records and should serve all requests for those records without any involvement from the politicians. Essentially function as a library for government records.

    As for documents needing non-disclosure, first there should be a redacted version of the document created which the records office can immediately release to anyone upon request. Even if that essentially means the entire document is redacted except for the occasional “the”. Such documents should be filed with cover documents containing the publicly-viewable reasons and conditions of non-disclosure. Copies of those cover documents would be included with copies of the redacted documents. Again, with absolutely no involvement of the politicians.

    If the citizen feels the non-disclosure and/or redacting are illegitimate, then the citizen brings the cover document and redacted document to a judge. The judge can request the full document from the records office for his/her review. Again, nobody outside the records office is informed of this transaction. The ONLY time any politicians, etc, finds out any of this is happening is if the judge feels the need to contact them for additional information.

    The important thing here is a copy of the full document has already made it into the physical possession of the judge before any politician (etc) knows any of this is happening. At this point the judge has the power to simply hand over to the document to the citizen, or rule that the non-disclosure is legitimate.

  • LFOldTimer

    Of course. That’s the way it’s designed, Norberto. All of these elected and appointed scoundrels tell us that they support transparency and openness in government yet when push comes to shove they circle the wagons for their colleagues and protect them from any harm if they fight transparency and lose a case calling for the release of basic documents that clearly fall under the Public Records Act. And the only reason they fight transparency is because there’s something to hide. Otherwise, why go through the trouble to fight it? ZERO PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY. For that is the mantra of these pseudo public servants.

    I would be SHOCKED if AB1479 makes it out of committee. Concealment is an essential ingredient to a successful career in government, especially elected office. If there’s NO PERSONAL FINANCIAL RISK to fighting transparency – they have nothing to lose. Just make the taxpayers fund their dirty work.

    Spitzer pulled out his check book and vowed to write a $2000 check for the port-a-pottys for the homeless (knowing it would never materialize). Has he pulled out his check book and offered to pay the attorney fees for the case he lost on the Wahoo Fish Taco internal emails??? heh. Of course not. He’s not stupid. He’s a slick politician.

    This is the reason the people must rise up and stop him from becoming the next DA. Spitzer has shown us his true colors. You would get the VERY SAME BEHAVIOR from Todd as our DA as you see today. We need INTEGRITY in the DA’s office. That is a CRITICAL seat in government. If the people lose confidence in our justice system and can’t trust those in authority to hold their OWN accountable – we are no better than some 3rd world fascist hellhole that makes up their rules as they go along.

    Obviously Spitzer refuses to hold his OWN accountable. He hasn’t criticized Sheriff Hutchens who is just as deep in the slime as Rackauckas. Everybody who has paid attention to the illegal informant jail scandal knows this. YET NOTHING IS BEING DONE TO REMEDY IT!!! Spitzer is a political animal who goes after the DA because he wants to replace him – but he turns a BLIND EYE to all the other varmints!

    Imagine how he was act as our next DA!!!

  • verifiedsane

    It should be interesting to watch this bill go through the legislative process…..but as with many bills designed to hold government accountable…..these things tend to get mired down in committee’s, and eventually face a Governors veto even if they somehow beat the odds and make it through the legislature….