• verifiedsane

    Was top photo a criminal lineup or the dating game? I identify the center and right persons as the guilty parties…..now let’s see the booking mugshots in the next post….

  • LFOldTimer

    The queen is fully clothed!

    Long live the queen!

  • LFOldTimer

    Thanks for bringing this important topic to everyone’s attention, Norberto. You’re about the only media source around that would do it (besides the Weekly and Scott Moxley).

    Hutchens has proven to be a failure. Both the illegal informant scandal and the jail escape brought tremendous national embarrassment to our county.

    The cops involved in the illegal informant scandal that Judge Goethals and the state appellate court ripped new ones remain on the job with their badges and guns collecting very large compensations in the $200,000 range. They refuse to testify in their criminal cases which allow heinous convicted criminals to walk, to get new trials (at great public expense) or to be granted sweet plea deals. I wonder how the families of the victims of those heinous criminals feel? Those cops are really keeping us safe, aren’t they? Hutchens tells us that all her keystone cops need is more training! lol.

    And Hutchens can’t even seemingly figure out how the bad guys smuggled large power tools into her jail that the 3 inmates used to cut through reinforced steel bars to escape and put the public in harm’s way. What a solid investigation, eh?

    And, as noted, ALL the 5 supervisor monkeys see no evil, hear no evil and say no evil. lol, That, my friends, is the power of AOCDS political contributions and endorsements.

    Dominguez has been silent as a deaf mute on the illegal informant scandal. I recall when one of his colleagues asserted at a public meeting that she concurred with Hutchens….it wasn’t a scandal!!! lol. Then AOCDS play the part of victims after a group of lowly inmates engineered a successful jail escape as they cut through steel bars with power tools for months at a time right under the OCSD deputies noses. lol. Have you heard AOCDS take any responsibility for the escape? Nope. All they do is point fingers at management! lol.

    If we paid these sworn enforcers $10.hr and gave them 401-k’s I would understand. But Hutchens makes upwards of $500,000. The average deputy is compensated to the tune of $230,000. And this is the outcome we get? Hello? Does anyone besides me see something wrong with this picture?

    Seriously, what a screwed up county and a poor excuse for leadership.