Supervisor Todd Spitzer Requests U.S. Attorney General Takeover: Orange County District Attorney is Jeopardizing Our Legal System

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May 22, 2017

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Supervisor Todd Spitzer Requests U.S. Attorney General Takeover:

Orange County District Attorney is Jeopardizing Our Legal System

(Santa Ana, CA) – Orange County Supervisor Todd Spitzer, Third District, is requesting U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions to take emergency action by consent decree over the Orange County District Attorney’s office.

“Continuing revelations of scandal emerging from the office under D.A. Tony Rackauckas is now beyond critical proportions,” Supervisor Spitzer wrote to Attorney General Sessions. “I am respectfully requesting that you expand the current Department of Justice investigation into new allegations of corruption and documented misconduct. As it is within your power to do so, I urge you to take control the OCDA office by consent decree.”

Supervisor Spitzer, a former Assistant District Attorney, is taking this action as an individual, not on behalf of the Board of Supervisors or the County, noting the Board is not a law enforcement entity and therefore the recent allegations which now include on-going acts of felonious conduct must be addressed by a law enforcement agency.

Already deemed a ‘rudderless ship’ by the D.A.’s own hand-picked evaluation panel, Rackauckas’ office has been rebuked by the Orange County Grand Jury and remains under investigation by the California State Attorney General and the U.S. Department of Justice.

Last year, the OCDA was removed from prosecuting the penalty phase of the worst mass-murder case in Orange County history. Judge Thomas Goethals ruled the prosecution withheld evidence from the defense provided by a jailhouse snitch in the penalty phase of the felony proceeding already decided by a guilty plea. A deeper probe revealed a snitch scandal dating back at least four years, resulting in the vacating or reduction of six murder convictions.

Since the Department of Justice opened an investigation in to the notorious Orange County snitch scandal last December, further damning evidence of potential criminal actions within OCDA operations under Rackauckas have come to light:

  • A liability claim was filed by the D.A.’s former Chief Investigator after he was relieved of duty in April, 2017. The action filed by former lead investigator Craig Hunter allegesD.A. interference with political corruption investigations and improper campaign activities.
  • In April 2017, it was revealed Rackauckas hired an unauthorized private defense attorney to represent a Deputy District Attorney in State Bar disciplinary proceedings. She is accused of withholding exculpatory evidence in a child abuse case.
  • The most recent revelation is a Superior Court ruling on May 17, 2017 that a Deputy District Attorney under Rackauckas displayed “serious misconduct” by failing to reveal exculpatory evidence in a 2006 first-degree murder case resulting in conviction. 

The high-profile scandal continues to draw scrutiny from the national press for more than three years. CBS News’ 60 Minutes aired a segment on, Sunday, May 21, 2017, in which Tony Rackauckas contradicted himself and the members of a blue ribbon panel he convened to investigate his office.

When confronted by the interviewer with his own IPPEC report describing the office as, “a must win mentality”, “a rudderless ship” and “a failure of leadership”, the D.A. dismissed the written report by saying the findings were not what members of the blue ribbon panel told him privately. Tony Rackauckas continues to argue that everybody investigating the wrongdoings in his office are not trustworthy. Tony Rackauckas cannot be trusted.

“The District Attorney’s actions have left the County, the courts, the judicial system, and the public no other course of action,” Supervisor Spitzer continued. “I am respectfully requesting that the U.S. Department of Justice expand the current investigation and employ all resources to restore order immediately and halt the continuing decay within our County judicial system.”


Attachment: Letter to U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions

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  • LFOldTimer

    Spitzer is a phony. His campaign activities for DA were launched with his letter to Sessions.

    In his quest to head the DA’s office he finally woke up and is concerned about corruption in our justice system! HAH! When has Spitzer ever fought corruption? hah. In fact, he’s been a perpetrator of corruption. Look what he did to block the emails from Norberto Santana on the Wahoo Fish Taco incident. He’s no better than Rackauckas.

    Spitzer is slick. He has a silver tongue but he doesn’t fool me. I’ve been around the block too many times to fall for his BS. He might fool you. But he won’t fool me.

    I thought it was the county’s policy not to comment on potential criminal matters that are under investigation. At least that’s the excuse they use when they don’t want to talk about something. But look at Spitzer shoot off his big mouth on the DA’s scandal THAT IS UNDER CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION!!! What a grandstanding phony.

    And he hasn’t said SQUAT about Sheriff Sandra Hutchens or OCSD who are in it as deep as Rackauckas. That’s because he wants Hutchens’ and the AOCDS endorsement for DA!!! HAH!

    You’re slick, Todd. But you ain’t that slick. I read you like a cheap paperback.

  • verifiedsane

    Where was Spitzer three years ago?…..Why isn’t the BoS & Spitzer calling for Sheriff Sandra Hutchens head on a platter also? Oh that’s right! Spitzer wasn’t preparing his run for DA and needed the sheriff’s office and union endorsement. This Spitzer letter is late to the dance, self serving politics, and more disingenuous hyperbole.

  • Nicky Pierce

    What a terrible shame that officials like DA Tony Rackauckas cause us to lose faith and confidence in our judicial system.

  • Debby Bodkin

    IMO Supervisor Spitzer and current/past OC Supervisors had an opportunity to clean up the criminal/civil RICO crimes continuing in Orange County, CA and FAILED those who placed them in positions of trust!

    Children have been sexually abused by employees of the Diocese of Orange, crimes involving failures to report child endangerment to law enforcement were never charged or prosecuted, violations of the Gun Free Schools Act were treated as youthful exuberance in an OC court, the OC Toll Road attorneys were allowed to fraudulently obtain money judgments and wage garnishments to justify a failing system, and attorneys were hired by the County of Orange to simultaneously represent the OC Sheriff and others with adverse interests. ALL CRIMES were ignored!

    The only solution that will restore the common good and protections of children, vulnerable adults and unsuspecting citizens who believe that the fair administration of justice still exists in the affluent Orange County, CA courts is to clean OC’s house of corrupt individuals. Too many lives and careers have been destroyed….. while RICO participants laugh all the way to the bank.

    Is it too late for all to come clean? The Feds need to step in without Spitzer, Rackauckas, Kang Schroeder or Hutchens’ involvement!

    • verifiedsane

      You’re correct, OC government currently runs more like a criminal mob family, rather than servants of the citizenry and community. Only a complete house cleaning from top to bottom throughout OC government and subordinate authorities will make a even a dint in this ongoing institutionalized criminal corruption.

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