• Dwight Smith

    Simple math shows that if housing 50 people will cost $5 Million, helping 4800 homeless people will cost $4.8 Billion. Governments love “housing first” because it is the furthest thing from “housing now.”

    Although Laguna has less than 2.5% of the County’s homeless, it received over 94% of the permanent supportive housing.

    There is no reason to believe this token compassion will significantly affect; even the Courtyard’s 400 beds, always filled to beyond the level suggested by the Fire Marshall, has hardly made a dent.

  • Jesse James

    Once O.C. government officials ends its RADICAL RACIAL POLICIES, only then can HOMELESSNESS be seriously addressed and eradicated.

  • udjibbom

    the decision to appoint an agency to handle these funds rather than engage in an open bidding process is troubling, since it raises the possibility of patronage and corrupt dealings.

    also, while $5 million seems like a fantastic and well-meaning investment, it really pales in comparison to the scope of the problem. if your January Point In Time Count identified nearly 5,000 homeless (and those counts are only a snapshot of local conditions, never a true accounting of the scope of the problem) then this works out to roughly $1,000 per homeless person without any salaries or operating expenses for the agency which will be given these funds.

    i don’t know what your local rents are like in this part of California but how far do you think $1,000 a year will go toward helping people into an apartment with a monthly rent? are your housing costs less than $100/month?

    sad to say but, until your community decides to invest the funds necessary to really address this problem, you’re not likely to have much of an effect.

  • Rosie Lee

    The Kraemer shelter was a positive move made by the Supervisors. Solving homelessness needs political will. We must give the homeless transformative solutions like this full service shelter rather than simply ‘managing’ the problem.

  • astar2b

    We need DA Kim to take over…

  • verifiedsane

    This is not government leadership on display from the B0S….it’s simply playing politics….”caving to public pressure….” What a Crock….

    • OCservant_Leader

      Yea – Building #10 spin doctors finally came up with a strategy for the Family to use this “crisis” to their advantage and line their own pockets. Surprise!

      It sure took them a long time to come up with the “emergency contracting process” which tosses the Public CPM – contract procedure manual — out the window and is now a windfall for those foxes guarding the chicken coop.

      In this case it’s the CEO – Frank Kim’s family who can run this scam.

  • OCservant_Leader

    The BOS orders “release the MHSA funds due to crisis”!


    They are sitting on $250 Million?

    Now CEO KIM can work directly with his sister KIM who will contract out the funds to who THEY choose (with no public input or prying eyes)

    The KIM family just hit the Lotto! Thank you homeless people!

    Nicely done OC Family!

  • Margaret

    There is a place in Costa Mesa that
    could be used to provide Immediate and relatively inexpensive housing and support services for over 2,000 homeless and people needing mental health serices.
    The 114 acre Fairview Development Center (at Fair Dr. & Harbor blvd.) opened in 1959 as a State (Mental) Hospital. It has been used recently for people with Developmental Disabilities (only), but is currently in the process of closing, and its residents are being moved to other facilities.
    MHSA funds (that the FDC has apparently been applying for) could be used to keep this center open and use it for a much needed mental health center.

    • Supervisor Do already has this grand view and is part of a mental health coalition to establish just what you proposed.

      • Margaret

        Thank you Mary!
        I really need to talk to the OCBOS and Costa Mesa City Council members directly on this to get more information of the status of this project.

  • LFOldTimer

    More of the same.

    Just throw more tax money at the homeless problem without being honest and identifying the real causes of homelessness which I have listed in the past.

    What good is giving a mentally ill homeless person medical or psychological treatment and treating the symptoms while ignoring the underlying cause of the disease? This is a revolving door approach. Treat them. Put them back on the street. Pick them up again. Treat them. Put them back on the street. Wash, rinse, repeat. Does anyone besides me understand how stupid this is?

    Just like the “ten year plan to end homelessness” this will fail too. And please….no more committees of beard scratchers to analyze the problem. The county has been there and done that. Worthless. You’re just creating more six-figure salaries that result in zero positive outcomes. A complete waste of county tax dollars. More government workfare for crony insiders who are owed favors.

    The only thing you’ve done right lately is the latest proposal to dump the Human Relations Council. It’s about time. We just need Supervisor Nelson to follow through with the final vote to halt the funding. We don’t need more race baiting and divisiveness funded with county tax dollars.

    And where the heck is that new Homeless Czar the county hired? lol. The one who was going to fix everything? lol. Is she on extended vacation or something? I thought she was going to interact with the public and keep us appraised of progress on the problem. Oh well. More of the same.

  • Jack Milliken

    Getting a hot meal and a hot shower but still able to live on the streets? Expect a lot more “homeless” folks in the future