• Shirley L. Grindle

    The Register article in today’s paper about Alex Padilla’s letter to the Board hits the nail right on the head. Not only did the entire Board vote to deny the new voting system — they didn’t even take public comment — probably for fear of having to explain their real reasons to the public. Make no bones about it – their denial is all about keeping Republican control of Orange County government. It has been this way for decades ever since the Republican Party decided to endorse candidates for local NON-PARTISAN offices. That was a sad day in Orange County. However, demographics are changing and the Republican elected officials are nervous.

  • OCservant_Leader

    The organized crime FAMILY in power in the OC – does NOT want voter participation.

    Voters would actually run these criminals out.

  • Shirley L. Grindle

    The “voter fraud” concern is merely used to disguise the real fear by the local Republican Party leaders that the new recommended voting system would increase voter participation — particularly by Democratic voters.

  • LFOldTimer

    Sorry Mr. Padilla.

    The Voter’s Choice Act train already left the station and you missed it. It’s not going to return to the station. Neal Kelley doesn’t have the final word in OC. He’s just another spoke in the wheel.

    And in this particular case Spitzer happens to be correct (even a broken clock is right twice a day). The probability of voter fraud is much higher w/ absentee ballots that with voters going to the polls. Common sense should tell you that. But I realize common sense is not a prerequisite to work at the State Capital.

    But then since the Dems lost the House, Senate and White House (the hat trick) I expected them to try some shenanigans to increase their chances for a win in 2018.

    As far as the OC Grand Jury goes, they told us that the illegal informant jail scandal was the work of a couple grunt deputies and was not systemic – which was a load of hooey. The actual EVIDENCE totally contradicted the OCGJ’s conclusion. So why would we believe their conclusion on voter fraud?

    The OCGJ used to be a finely tuned and reliable loyal watchdog for the People. But it’s evolved into a swamp dog that only follows selective orders from the swamp dwellers. Their reports are no longer believable. They tell the People only what the swamp dwellers want us to hear.

    Many of us like to chit-chat with our immediate neighbors at the neighborhood polls that we can walk to on election day. Why do you want to take that away from us? Why do you want to destroy our little neighborhood networks? Afraid we might get together to pass around petitions to rescind the $52 billion ten year gas and vehicle registration tax or to organize a protest against the state for using our tax dollars to pay attorney’s representing illegal aliens in CIVIL deportation cases?? Gee, I didn’t realize that legal representation was a right in civil cases. Oh wait. It’s not for citizens. But if you’re an illegal alien the government pays for your legal counsel to fight a CIVIL deportation order??? What a scam!!!!